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Swimming, it helps a lot more for the muscles compared to Netball. You are also less likely to get injured when swimming compared to netball

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โˆ™ 2021-08-08 11:57:10
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โˆ™ 2021-09-15 23:52:50

I would say netball because chlorine makes me itch.

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โˆ™ 2021-09-04 18:30:55

I think swimming is better than netball.

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Bonita Tromp

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โˆ™ 2021-09-07 16:05:40
can you explain how you got that?

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Aksha Welligalla

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โˆ™ 2021-08-08 12:28:18

Swimming is better

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Q: What is a better sport( swimming or netball)?
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Why is netball better than swimming?

Netball is not better than swimming and swimming isn't better than Netball because its up to you what you like better. So if you cant decide ask a friend or try out the sport but if you don't like it try thay other.

What sport has the most participants in Australia?

Swimming, Soccer, AFL and Netball

Is netball better then rugby?

yes Better at what? Netball is not better than Rugby. If you don't know what netball is, all you need to know is that netball is a non-contact sport. Rugby is anything but non-contact. Also netball is played almost exclusivly by women. Which is fine for a sport to be, but it surely doesn't give it the edge over a sport enjoyed by both men and women. I have no idea how something can be better "then" anything else.

Is netball a team sport?

Yes, netball is a team sport.

Is Netball a competitive sport?

Yes, netball is a very competitive sport

Which sport is the least likely to place a young girl or woman at risk for the female athlete triad?

Swimming, netball, softball

Who was the name who made netball?

Netball is not a sport.

Sports that starts n?

netball, tennis, swimming, rounders, hockey!! netball, tennis, swimming, rounders, hockey!!

What sport is more popular basketball or netball?


Is swimming a male or female dominated sport?


Is netball a traditional sport or a popular sport in japan?

No, its more of a European sport. But you might be able to find netball at the international schools.

What is a more dangerous sport netball or football?

probably football because netball is a non contact sport

What are the top 10 most popular sport in the uk?

Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Darts, Swimming, Rowing, Hockey, Athletics and Netball

Are swimming are a sport?

yes the swimming is a sport

Which sport is the best?

Soccer is the best sport! If you are a girl netball is great! But i do prefer swimming. Cricket is also great! So that shows there is really no "best" sport it just depends on your opinion. So try all of the above.

Why is netball not on the sport news?

it's a stuid a-- sport

Why is netball seen as not a real sport?

Netball is not seen as a real sport because it is based on another sport, its brother basketball. Netball originated from basketball not that long a time ago, which is another reason why people don't regard netball as a sport. However, that way of thinking may change very soon when netball becomes more popular. Also, netball is a sport played only by girls which restricts the popularity. If netball was played by boys than it may become part of the Olympics.

Is netball a sport?


Was netball an accident?

no its a sport

How is netball a good sport?

Netball is a goood sport because you met other people and met fit boys

What year was netball recognized as an Olympic Sport?

Netball was recognised as an olympic sport in 1995 by the international Olympic Committee.

What is better cricket or netball?

netball by far

What is netball?

netball is a sport with a ball and a net and throwing the ball in the net

What sport can you do for gcse pe?

I know girls that do swimming, netball, hockey and boys that do football, rugby, basketball cricket and I know people who do tennis and badminton...

What are the two best sports?

Netball and Swimming

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