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A legal jump is one that counts, i.e. the jump is measured and goes towards the athlete's result.

An "illegal" jump would be one where a foul is committed. This includes, taking off in front of the take-off board, landing outside the pit, walking out of the front of the pit or taking longer than the allotted time.

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Q: What is a legal jump in long jump?
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Is it a fault to go left right left in the triple jump?

As long as there is no foul on the jump it is perfectly legal

How old do you have to be to bungy jump?

As long as you have a legal guardian you can be any age.

How many attempts does a person get when trying to qualify for the Olympics in the long jump?

Each person attempting the long jump will have three attempts. Competitors must have at least one legal jump to count in the final totals.

What are the methods of the long jump?

jump very long

Is it legal to jump while shooting a foul shot?

yes, as long as you dont land on or over the line

Does Usain Bolt do the long jump?

He does not long jump.

Is long jump and triple jump same?

No. In triple jump you jump 3 times and only once in long jump. But the object is the same.

How do you jump 10 on the long jump?

run then jump!

What does doing a long jump measure?

the length of how long you can jump

How long did lynn davies jump in the long Jump?


When did the term Broad Jump change to Long Jump.... and why?

Broad Jump is standing still but the long jump is with a running start then jumping

Long jump is a track or field?

Long jump is a field event.

Is a long jump a field or a event?

The long jump is a field event.

How long can dolphins jump?

The highest high jump record is about 8 meters. The highest long jump record is about 15 meters.

How long can a ostrich jump?

an ostrich can jump up to 22 meters long

What was the longest jump in long jump?

the answer is 100ft.

Is broad jump the same as long jump?


When was long jump invented?

The long jump has a long history. It was invent during the tiem of the ancient olympics.

Can you jump off the Eiffel tower in Paris?

no it is a legal

What is the difference between the long jump and high jump?

The long jump is where you have a long strip of sand which you run to and jump as far as you can along it whilst the high jump is where there is a pole which the athletes have to jump over and it gets raised every time each athlete has jumped. :)

What are facts about long-jump?

Long jump was started in original Olympics in ancient Greece.

Where was the long jump first played?

Long Jump was first played in ancient greece a long time ago

What does the long jump involve?

hop skip jump

What male has the longest jump in the world in long jump?

where am i

How many players are in long jump?

it depends on the jump