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A Lacrosse STICK I think

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Q: What is a lacrosse racket called?
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Why was lacrosse called lacrosse?

Lacrosse was called Lacrosse Because When Most native americans had they sticks together

What is a lacrosse racket?

Ok, you clearly have never played lacrosse before. That's ok! But first off, don't call it a "racket". Those are used in tennis; a not nearly exciting a game as lacrosse. It's called a stick, and they are used to throw, catch, pass, shoot, check, and play defense with. They are pretty much the only thing needed in the game. They have a long metal shaft and a plastic head with strings strung through, like a net.

Is it tennis 'racquet' or 'racket' - how do you spell it?

it_is_called_racket">it is called racket

What is a lacrosse goal called?

a lacrosse goal is called a strike

What is the way to swing a racket in tennis called?

The way to swing a racket in tennis is called a forehand.

What is the thickness of a tennis racket string called?

The thickness of a tennis racket string is called its 'diameter'.

What was lacrosse was originally called?

The name that lacrosse was originally called is baggatway

What did Indians do for fun?

the Algonquian Indians played a game called lacrosse had a racket and a ball.some-one would through the ball and all the others would try to catch it with there racket.who-ever caught the ball would through it next.thats how the Algonquian Indians played lacrosse.

What is the Lacrosse stick called?

The actual stick of the lacrosse stick is called a shaft.

What is the round part of a tennis racket called?

it is called the 'face' of the racket. the 'v' shaped part that leads to the grip is called the neck.

What is jaialai racket called?


What is a badminton racket called?

a battledore

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