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* Kicked balls are usually easy to spot, as defenders will often kick out their legs to try to deflect a pass. But it is important to remember that a kicked ball is reserved for violations that are done on purpose. This means that if a offensive player throws the ball into the leg of a defensive player who is stationary, it should not be a kick ball.When a ball is accidentally hit off of someone's leg, it is a live ball and no whistles should be blown.

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you cannot kick the Basketball. if someone on your team kicks it then it goes to the other team. it is a complete turnover that wastes your time

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When someone kicks the ball, or someone passes it off their foot.

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Q: What is a kicked ball violation in basketball?
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What is one violation that typically occars when you have the ball in basketball?


Is there a violation when a basketball player retrieves the ball after a field goal try that hits nothing?

There is no violation. It is the same as a pass

Is it violation if you were dribbling in basketball and touched the ball with your knee?

No. It is not a violation if the contact with any part of the foot or leg was accidental. If it was intentional then the player is guilty of kicking the ball.

When you walk with the basketball it is considered a?

In basketball, if the player with the ball is moving (walking) without dribbling it is a violation called 'traveling'.

What happens when the ball gets kicked out of play in basketball?

That is called a kick ball. For example, if Team Blue had the ball and they passed it but Team Red kicked it out of play, then Team Blue would pass the ball to his/her teammate from out of bounds.

What violation is committed in basketball if you bounce the ball using two hands?

A double dribble

What happens when you get a back court violation in basketball?

A back court violation when the offensive player with the ball steps behind the half court line after crossing it.

What is the name of the kicking violation in basketball?

If a player illegally kicks a ball the referee will call out "kick". that simple.

Is traveling in a basketball violation or a foul?

The traveling violation occurs when person throws ball on the court and another player receives it and moves both feet without dribbling the ball.

How can you palm a basketball?

When dribbling, you use the palm of your hand to protect the ball, which is considered a travelling violation, and the other team gets the ball out of bounds

Why did Brandon Davis get kicked off the BYU Basketball team?

Brandon Davis admitted to having premarital sex, which is a violation of BYU's honor code.

What happens to basketball players if they kick the ball?

The officials call a violation, and possession is handed over to the opposing team.