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A javelin would be like a spear.

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Q: What is a javelin like weapon?
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What is a South African javelin-like weapon for hurling?


What is the difference between a javelin and a spear.?

A spear is a generic term for a shafted weapon, but a javelin is specifically designed to be thrown.

How did Zeus get his symbol?

The symbol of Zeus was a lightning bolt. Zeus had a weapon that would shoot lightning sort of like a javelin.

What are the key words to describe a throwing?

This depends upon what it is that you are throwing. Throwing a javelin is not like throwing a fit, or throwing a fight. Let's say you are throwing a javelin. Your throwing could be accurate, powerful, and (since a javelin is a weapon) perhaps deadly. But all of that depends upon context.

What is Athena's weapon?

A javelin looking spear. :) Hope this helps

What types of short ranged weapons were there in ancient Greece?

The favorite short range weapon of ancient Greece was a type of spear called a javelin. Since the javelin could be thrown, it was also used as a longer range weapon, although the bow and arrow was the primary means of long range attack, and has a longer range than the javelin. Swords were also an important type of weapon.

Who would use a javelin?

In history, seeing as a javelin was originally used as a weapon, hunters and warriors would potentially use some type of spear or javelin to fight or hunt. In a modern, sporting context, javelin athletes would use a javelin for both practice and competition.

How do you pick up the Javelin in Call of Duty 4?

The Javelin should work the same as any other weapon, you can hold it in either your primary or secondary slots, just pick it up by holding the change weapon button when you are stood over it.

What is the best heavy weapon in modern warfare 2?

The RPG 7,or the Javelin

Who used javelins?

The javelin was a weapon favored by the early Greeks, such as Alexander the Great.

What was the device taught to teach a knight to joust?

a lance or javelin... its a very long weapon.

When was the javelin first used?

Javelins are thought to be 400,00 years old having been found in some underground caves in Germany. The ancient Greeks used spear like weapons as a hunting device. The Romans used the Javelin and a weapon of war in the 3rd. Century BC

Weapon starting with the letter J?

Javelin. Jian (Type of sword) Jericho 941 (Semi automatic pistol).

Who was the first person to throw a javelin?

Both in the historical and athletic context, the exact person who first threw a javelin is unknown. The first use of a javelin was as a weapon, so it was likely a soldier or hunter who first threw it. In terms of the event of javelin, history indicates that it was an athlete in ancient Greece who first participated in the event.

What does the word javelin mean?

It is a light spear thrown with the hand and used as a weapon. In the cartoon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, a javelin is a Spell Card. I forgot what it does, but there you go, Qwerty! One definition is a a light spear throw by hand as a weapon or thrown for distance as part of a field and track competition. Another definition is a species of pig like mammal - also know as peccary, or javelina

What did the Romans call a spear?

In the ancient Roman legions, one of the main weapons of their soldiers was the javelin. This we could call a spear as per the question. There were several innovations made to the javelin that made it a very effective weapon. One example of this was a javelin that after it struck a target, the head of the javelin would bend making it impossible for the enemy to throw the javelin back to the Roman soldiers.

What is the meaning of javelin?

A sort of light spear, to be thrown or cast by thew hand; anciently, a weapon of war used by horsemen and foot soldiers; now used chiefly in hunting the wild boar and other fierce game., To pierce with a javelin.

What is a xiphos?

A xiphos is a double-edged single-handed sword, used by the Ancient Greeks as an alternative weapon to the spear or javelin.

How do javelin missiles lock on to targets?

There are two missiles I know of offhand known as the Javelin - one is an American made anti-armour weapons, and the other is a British antiaircraft weapon. In the case of the anti-armour weapon, it locks on to the target's heat signature, making it a fire-and-forget weapon. In the case of the antiaircraft weapon, it uses what's known as Semi Automatic Command toLine of Sight (SACLOS), similar in operation to weapons such as the TOW missile, where the operator must visually keep the weapon sighted onto the target until it is destroyed.

What is the another term for the meaning of javelin?

A sort of light spear, to be thrown or cast by thew hand; anciently, a weapon of war used by horsemen and foot soldiers; now used chiefly in hunting the wild boar and other fierce game., To pierce with a javelin.

What is a javelin in the Olympics?

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How do you do javlin glitch in mw2 ps3?

There are 2 javelin glicthes 1. First you have to take out your main weapon then you hold down your semtex and then click triange or Y whatever system you have then just sprint someone will eventually kill you then you expload and you kill them back or even get a double, triple, or multi kill. 2. Get your javelin out go by a turret aim your javelin until your javelin is making that beebing sound then go on to the turrent then wait for your javelin to do that beeping sound again and then you shoot the turrent and then you apparently shoot your javelin so know you have a rocket launcher machine gun turret

What is The wooden handle of a medieval weapon with an iron or steel spearhead?

The wooden section of medieval polearms can be referred to as a the 'stave' or 'shaft'. The overall weapon may in turn be referred to as a spear, a lance or a javelin dependant on the context of its use and its relative scale.

What can you use for javelin except javelin?

A Javelin

What javelin was like in the first Olympics?

it is the same as now