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When you swing the stick to hit the ball to far behind you. Typically it is when the stick goes above your hip. It is considered dangerous play and referees will call it

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Q: What is a high back swing in field hockey?
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What are 5 common reasons fouls in field hockey?

obstruction,kicking the ball, lifting it in the air, high stick, dangerous swing

Why isn't field hockey offered by more high schools?

Field hockey is not as popular in some countries as others, especially where other sports are seen as more important or where it has direct competition (e.g. ice hockey). In these areas, it usually takes a back seat, but in most of the world, field hockey is one of the most well supported games, and particularly in high schools and universities.

How do you drive in field hockey?

You bring your stick up the opposite way of the ball, but not too high only to your hip. then take a big swing forward but only let stick go to your waist.

What kind of field do you usually play field hockey on?

Field Hockey, at the higher levels is normally played on a turf field. High schools normally will play on grass.

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The swing went back and forth like a pendulum.The swing soared into the sky like a bird

Did pavel barber play in the NHL?

No. He played on the Canadian National teams for field hockey and floorball hockey, but he has never played any high level ice hockey.

What is the duration of Swing High?

The duration of Swing High is 600.0 seconds.

Is it legal to use a left handed field hockey stick at the high school level?

There is no such thing as a lefty stick. In fact lucky for you if you're a lefty playing field hockey because your power hand gets all the power

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Swing High was created on 1932-11-12.

What are some similarities and differences between ice hockey and field hockey?

Playing surface: field hockey is played on fields, ice hockey is played on ice. Goals in field hockey are much larger. The field is much larger than the rink, almost 50% further in both dircetions.Equipment: field hockey players rarely wear more than a mouthguard and shinguards, while goalkeepers wear some extra padding and a helmet. Ice hockey players wear a lot of protective equipment, including shin- and armpads, helmets, mouthgaurds, chestpads and gloves. The shape and size of the stick in each sport is also markedly different.Teams: ice hockey teams can have 20 players, of which 6 play on the ice at any time. Field hockey teams can have 16 players, of which 11 can play on the field at any time. There is no specification on what positions must be included in a field hockey team, while ice hockey rosters have certain proportions that must be either goalkeepers or onice players.Rules: ice hockey is considerably more restrictive in how a game may be played, such as restrictions on where the puck can be passed, but comparatively quite violent - bodychecking is allowed as well as other forms of physical contact, and fighting is not considered a major violation. In field hockey, physical contact is very rare, and only occurs in normal contest for the ball (not as an option for making a tackle). the ball can be played in virtually any way that does not cause danger.Gameplay: ice hockey features a lot more time stoppages, like many north American sports, than field hockey. A field hockey team cannot choose when they have a timeout either. The ways of moving a ball/puck around are very different; in ice hockey, players may use their hands or skates, while in field hockey, the ball is often raised high above the surface or juggled on the stick.

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