What is a groin cup?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Testicles are unprotected and vulnerable in their placement outside the body (unlike other vital organs, such as women's ovaries) - and also testicles are easily the mostsensitive parts of the body. Therefore, males are advised to wear a groin cup which is formed to cover the genitals to protect them from impact. Groin cups are worn in an athletic supporter made to hold the cup around these sensitive parts.

Women also have something similar now that is sometimes called a groin cup, but because a woman does not have anything to "cup" over, they are more like shields/pads that protect her groin, which is sensitive, but is extremely difficult to injure because it does not have reproductive organs hanging from it.

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Q: What is a groin cup?
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Did John wear a cup for his groin when Bradshaw kicked him in the groin three days before WrestleMania?

Yes, he sure did. Otherwise, he'd be dead or in eternal pain or something.

When was the groin cup invented?

1927, in Canada. The best invention in the history of mankind (girls might not agree)!

What kind of jockstrap for lacrosse?

Since there's a chance of getting hit in the groin, it would be best to get a jockstrap that has a hard cup as well.

What does it mean if you have a sore groin?

sore groin ,groin muscle pain

Should you wear a cup in high school?

If you are playing a sport where groin injury is a possibility, then you should always wear a cup during practice and competition. This has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with preventing an accident.

Why do football players have big bulges in groin area?

Because they are wearing protection there to keep that part of their anatomy safe.

How to spell oink in french?

groin, groin

How do you use a groin cup?

you put it over your crotch in a supporter.Yes, the best way to protect your testicles is to buy a properly fitting groin cup, placing them into it, and stopping the cup from shifting around by wearing an athletic supporter (jockstrap) over it. Important: If the supporter isn't holding the cup tight against the body during an impact, the cup's edge could trap a testicle and cause a potentially fertility-damaging injury and intense (and embarrassing) pain. Also, make sure the cup you choose is not too big, as it can get in the way of running, and not too small, because then the force of an impact will be transferred directly to the testicles - and you do not want to feel that pain!

What happens when you have tissue damage in groin area?

you have pulled your groin

What is directional term from groin to buttock?

The buttocks are posterior to the groin.

What is groin area called?

The groin, the genitals, or the pubic region.

How do you poop in space?

A space loo is designed to cup the entire groin and bottom area, forming a seal. Waste is sucked away, dessicated, shredded, and ejected into space.