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As I understand, and I am only a medical transcriber student, it is a hand rest for surgeons who want to eliminate hand tremor. Hand tremors may mean alot to the patient. And anything that will improve your chances in the surgery room for improved health, i am all for it.

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Q: What is a greenberg retractor used in surgery?
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What is mayo abdominal retractor?

It is a type of metal retractor used to keep the abdominal cavity open during surgery

What is the definition of a retractor?

Something used to pull an object away. In surgery, a retractor is used to pull skin and hold it away from the area being operated on, for instance.

What is the origin of the army-navy retractor?

The retractor is used orthopedic surgery to retract tissue from bone. Although now commonly called the US retractor, it was developed by military physicians for use in surgery to repair severe injuries sustained in training and combat.

What is the use of us army retractor?

This retractor is used in ortho surgery to retract tissue from bone. Common to the both major and minor orthopedic and general surgery trays. The name origin is difficult to say. Cheers.

What is the use of Langenbeck retractor?

it is a handheld instrument used to retract abdominal wall and other soft tissue during surgery.

What is the use of Weitlaner retractor?

it is a self retaining retractor, which is used to retract wound edges.

What is volkman retractor?

A volkman retractor is a type of tissue retractor used during ceritan surgeries to separate incised tissues. Google images it for pictures.

What has the author Mark S Greenberg written?

Mark S. Greenberg has written: 'Handbook of neurosurgery' -- subject(s): Surgery, Nervous system, Handbooks, manuals

Instrument used to hold back tissue?


What is a bladder retractor used for?

igoogle mu nlang...

Who invented the deaver retractor?

Jan Mikulicz-Radecki invented the deaver retractor. The deaver retractor is a medical device that was invented in the year of 1904.

What are the instruments used in exploratory laparotomy?

ocshner stright ocshner curved mixter pean allis kelly blade holder debakey thumb forcep tissue forcep mosquito bobcock mayo scissor metzembaum scissor blade holder richardson retractor deaver retractor mallable towel clips