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The Ski Log

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Q: What is a good title for a book that involves skiing?
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What is a good title for an essay about skiing?

skiing or snow adventure

What is a good title for skiing essay?

one milion dollars or a ski trip

What is a good title for a book about good deeds?

You're doing it backwards ... The title comes LAST. Finish your book and you'll find your title from what you have written.

What is a good title for a science project that involves candles?

Candle it [like handle it] you should get it

What is a good title for a werewolf book?

A good title for a werewolf book. It depends on what is going to happen in the book. The title draws attention to the reader. You want it interesting and that it would kind of sum up the book in just a word or so.

What is a good title for a science fair project that involves chocolate?

Chocolate melting

I am writing a book. It is about a girl and it is her Journal. What is a good title for my book?

Only you can come up with a good title! Titles come from the story, not the other way around. Write the story first, and you'll find the title.

What is a good title for my book about a serial killer?

You're going about this backwards, I'm afraid. The title comes last - after you finish the book. You can find a good title once you have everything written down.

What is the name of the 3rd book from Pseudonymous Bosch?

the title is called this book is not good for you

Is Glena Aphrodite Scarlett a good book?

I can find no book of that title or reference.

What is a good title for a old English book?

Use whatever title you want to -- you are the author! Titles are the least important part of your book.

What is a good title for a book about gymnastics?

A good title would depend on what the book is about, if it has no plot or story line and is only about gymnastics then call it gymnastics but if it is not then create a unique or nice name talking about what the story line is {what the book is about}.

What is skiing good for?

skiing is good to do for funskiing is a healthy way to get exerciseskiing is an enjoyable family activity

What Is A Good Volcano Book Title for College Project?

Easy. Volcanoes,Our Earth's History.That's your title.

Is 'The Boy Next Door' a good book title?

It might be - if your book is about the boy next door and nothing else. Before you "take" a book title, google it and see if there are already a lot more books and movies with that title. I see two movies and a book on Google, so you might think of a slightly different title if you plan to sell this book. If you're just writing for fun, it's a good title!

Why is Grapes of Wrath a good title?

I have not read the book, but im guessing it has something to do with the book.

What could you put in your speech about skiing?

what skiing involves how long people have been skiing for and when it was invented, by who/ why people enjoy it. a story of when you or family/friends have been(to add humour and make the speech less dry) where the most common places for skiing are why people should, or should not go skiing. in any good speech there muct be an argument or debate that you are fighting for. if you are talking about skiing, try and argue why skiing is better than other winter sports.

What is a good title for a poetry book with all kinds of poems?

the book of poems, or the book with alot of peoms, or the awesome book of poems,

Who decides the cover for your book?

The publisher determines the title and cover for your book. If you have a good idea, submit it.

What is a good title book question?

I'm not sure what a "title book" is, so I'm afraid I can't answer this - please reword the question so we know what you need and then we can answer it for you.

What is a good science fair project title that involves how plant growth is affected by different types of liquid?


What is a good title for a tundra childrens book?

You're going about it backwards, I'm afraid. The title comes last, after you've finished your story. Complete the book first, then the title will come out of what you've written.

Is skiing good for you?

Skiing is good for you because it stretches your muscles, and you move a lot so you get a lot of exercise.

Is today a good day to go skiing?

That depends on where you are, and whether you're talking about water skiing or snow skiing.

What is a good title for a children's book on American music?

You have to invent your own titles if you're going to be a writer. Write the book first -- then, the title will come to you!