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My daughter ran a 52.06 in the 300m hurdles, I think maybe this a good time probably even for a high school girl.

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2012-03-22 17:41:21
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Q: What is a good time for the 300 meter hurdles for an 8th grader?
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How fast a seventh grade would do 100 meter hurdles?

A good time for a 7th grader would probably be around 19-20 seconds

What is good time for a second grader in the 400 meter?

About 1:15

What does 100 meter time convert to in 110 hurdles?

100 to 110 hurdles

What is a good 400 meter time for an 8th grader?

I would say a good time for an 8th grader would be anywhere from 60-70 seconds.Hope I helped!!

What is a fast 300 meter hurdle time for high school?

Any time under 40 seconds is a good time for the 300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles for high school boys.

What is the 55 meter hurdles to 110 meter hurdles conversion?

Take your time in the 55m HH and double it. Now subtract one second and you are at the time you can attain outdoors in the 110m HH.

If you run the 55 meter hurdles is your lead foot the same every time?

It should be. In 55m, 60m and 110m hurdles, the distances between the hurdles are the same.

When was the women's world record in hurdles set?

100 meter hurdles: August 20, 1988 by Yordanka Donkova of Bulgaria in a time of 12.21 seconds. 400 meter hurdles: August 8, 2003 by Yuliya Pechonkina of Russia in a time of 52.34 seconds.

What is the fastest middle school 100 meter time girls?

is 13.6 sec good for a sixth grader they have moved her up to eight grade track can her time get better in the 100 meter

How much time do the hurdles add to a 400 meter race?

For someone with good form and someone who is in good shape the race should add somewhere in the relm of 5 secs

Is 2 min 40 sec a good time in the 800 meter run for a seventh grader?

not really.... if you could get that down to 2:20 that would be good

How do you convert 400 meter hurdles to 300 meter hurdle time?

Assuming you don't run any faster in the 300m. 3/4x (time run)=300m time

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