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15 seconds would probably be good for a 10 year old, or maybe in the 14s.

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Q: What is a good time for the 100m sprint at 10 years old?
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What is the fastest 100m sprint time?

9.58 by Usain Bolt

What is the fastest time for the 100m sprint 2000 Olympics?

Maurice Greene with a time of 9.87.

What is the average 100m sprint time for usain bolt?

9.70 - 9.80 seconds.

Who holds the mens 100m sprint Olympic record and what is his time?

usian bolt

2009 100m sprint world record holder?

Usain Bolt with a time of 9.58s.

What is the fastest time recorded for 100m sprint in Australia for a male under 15 yrs?


What was the winning time of the woman who won the 100m sprint in the 2008 olympics?

it was shelly an fraser she won with 10.78 sec.

What is the average time for 40m sprint?

I just turned 13, I'm a little bit faster than average and I got 6.35. But the 40m sprint is completely irrelevent to 100m cause I got 15.72 in the 100m and my friend (who got 6.39 in the 40m) got 14.96. So the 40m sprint is just about accelaration not speed.

How can you get a better sprint in 100 m?

Sprint the 100m but do it with resistance, for example a parachute or weighted vest. Also make sure that you get completely stretched out before you time it, including your arms.

What was usain bolts world record time in the 100m sprint this past summer?

9.69secs done at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

What women won the gold medal in 100m sprint in 2008?

Shelly-Ann Fraser of Jamaica in a time of 10.78 seconds.

Who won the women's 100M sprint at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games?

Yulia Nesterenko of Belarus in a time of 10.93 seconds.