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My daughter is in fifth grade she is eleven she does a min nineteen she is best in her grade from girls. an excellent time for a first grade is one min 35 but for a four year old maybe two mins is really good.

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11y ago
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Aouatif Ahtitou

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I think it is 1 40 because I am 11 and I could run a 1 25 so I think a little bit slower.

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My son ran a 1.05.6 when he was just still 9. That's very good though. Just after he turned 10 he ran 13.7 for 100 and 28.1 for 200.

A good 9yo should run under 1.10 though.

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i got 1:01

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Q: What is a good time for 400 meters for 9 year old boy?
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What is the average time for a 10 year old boy in the 400 meters?


What is a good time for a 26 year old woman to run 400 meters in?

If you are in shape, I would go for about 1:10-1:17.

What should kids when running track races?

i believe 800 meters. a good time for a 12 year old girl would be 2:50. A good time for 400 meters would be 80 seconds. If u want to win thoses are good times

What is the converted time from 42.60 seconds for 440 yards converted to 400 meters?

The converted time for 400 meters is 42.35 seconds.

What is a good time in the 400 meter dash for a 11 year old boy?

1min 10secs should be a good time

When was the last time men ran the 400 meters?

I'm sure somewhere in the world there is a man running 400 meters at this very moment

What is a good time for an ll year old in the 400 meters?

I'm 11 and I run it in 1:18. I'm a girl. For boys It would be probably under 1:16 and girls under 1:20.

How do you calculate split time?

A split time is basically the time it takes to run a fraction of a race. If there is a 1500 meter race, there could be split times at 400 meters, 800 meters, and 1200 meters. So the time it took to run the first 400 meters of the 1500 meter race would be called a split time.

How many feet is equal to 400 meters?

400 meters = about 1,312.34 feet.

How much is 400 meters in kilometers?

400 meters is 0.4km

How many meters are in 400 yards?

400 feet = 121.92 meters.

How many kms is 400 meters?

400 meters is 0.4km (divide meters by 1,000)