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Fear this

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Q: What is a good softball team name for 12-year-olds with black and white uniforms?
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Can someone give me ideas for my daughter's softball team as we need a team name and our uniforms are black and white?

the penguins!

What are the team colors of the Chicago Blackhawks?

Team colors are red, black, and white. The home uniforms are red and black with white accents. The away uniforms are white and black with red accents.

What are good colors for Phantom softball team?

black, white and/or silver.

Are the black and white easton stealth softball bats different?

The black one is end weighted and the white one is evenly weighted

What colour uniforms does a pilot wear?

White dress shirt with black slacks and black comfortable shoes

What are predator softball colors?

RED, WHITE, and BLACK not orange whatever anybody says.

What were some of the colors of the soldiers uniforms?

Union- Blue white Confederacy- Gray and black

What color blue are the Toronto Blue Jays uniforms?

•White •Blue •Gray •Black

What colors are mastery charter high schools uniforms?

Black pants and white shirts

What color are the Baltimore Ravens uniforms?

The basic colors are Purple, Black, White, and Metallic Gold. Purple and Black are derived from the natural colors of a Raven (bird). The Gold and White colors are derived from the Official Seal of the State of Maryland. Normally, home game uniforms are Purple Jerseys over White pants; however, on special occasions, the Ravens will wear Purple Jerseys over Black pants for a more intimidating look. Away uniforms are usually either White on White, or White on Black.

What is a ood softball team names for girls wearing white and black?

Zebras,Penguins, how about bandits : )

What is a good softball team name for 13-year-olds with red white and blue uniforms?

The All Americans or Patriots or Young Americans or something like that

What is the most common color for softball uniforms?

From my experiences most of my uniforms have been red. but a lot of other teams i have seen are black and blue. and sometimes like a forest green. thanks for asking!!!.... by the way you will know that its the same person answering these questions because i will say what i just said... i guess white would be the most common...

Is white really the new black?

lets see there is a lot of softball players that say white is the new black cuz black is all plain and white blends in but then if its white then you can add extra colors to it which makes it even more awsome from Jessica

What are the colors of the 2009 Super Bowl teams uniforms?

steelers - black & gold cardinals - red & white

Did the white softball come before a yellow softball?


Do schools in Myanmar have uniforms?

Yes, they do have uniforms. but, their uniforms are white and green in color and traditional costumes.

Do white t-shirts attract more heat than black t-shirts?

no white reflects the sun and black attracts sunlight (feel bad for softball and baseball teams that have black shirts huh?)

What do the Mexican Olympic uniforms look like?

The most recent Mexican uniforms for the 2014 Sochi Olympics were inspired by traditionary mariachi outfits. This outfit had black pants, a black jacket, and white shirt with red detail.

How do you label or mark permanently black uniforms?

Get some white labels, and stick them in the backs, then you can write whatever you want.

What was the uniforms of the northwest mounted police?

Their 'dress' and ceremonial uniforms consists of black riding boots, striped pants, red jacket , white gloves , a broad brimmed hat - white pants - and a 'Sam Browne" pistol belt.

Can a high school softball catchers mitt be white?

yes, a high school softball catchers glove can be white.

What is the color of a softball?

white or yellow

How has the softball changed?

The color of the softball used to be white, but then they changed it to yellow with red stitches.

Why do referees whear white black striped shirts?

The reason referees wear white and black striped shirts was at first to distinguish themselves from the participating teams. Although other uniforms are becoming more popular.