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Q: What is a good senior football player bio?
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What are the advantages if you choose bio in 11th class?

You can get it over with and you don't have to retake it in college or senior year... Plus bio is pretty interesting.

Where can you find information about football player Bryan Pata?

Click on the 'Bryan Pata Bio' link on this page to learn more about the life of Bryan Pata.

Does Bio Always Mean something Good?

Bio is a prefix meaning "life." Bene is a prefix meaning "good."

What is good about bio-fuel?

Bio-fuel doesn't add to air pollution.

What years of high school should you take Biology AP and Physics PreAp - Junior year - Senior year?

You should take pre-AP physics junior year, and AP bio senior year.

What is good about biomass energy?

that its masses are bio

What is a good bio on twitter?

Say something about yourself.

A freshman in high school is taking algebra 2 and biology what courses will they take their senior year?

well, as an algebra 2 freshman last year, i remeber taking honors bio and slgebra 2. Senior year could be a 2nd calculus course, like Calc BC or mulltivariable calc, depending on the district, and perhaps AP bio, chem, or physics for sciences.

What is Cris Carter's achievements in football?

Is number 3 in career receptions, number 2 in receiving touchdowns. The only player with 2 season with 120 or more receptions. you can see complete bio here

Did Eddie L Long play football?

Read his bio, and no where in it says that he ever played. However, it was rumored that he did play for the Broncos.

What burns as good as oil and gas and coal?


Is bio oil good for new piercings?

noo coz bio oil is used for stretch marks and marks or spots :) XD