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a good pacing question would be;What is the fastest speed a pedestrian or athlete has gone nonstop for over 10 minutes?

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Q: What is a good quetion about pacing?
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First, it should be what ARE pacing items..... Pacing items are items in a list of things to be accomplished that will take the longest to complete. If you have a goal, the pacing items will take the longest to complete and all other items have to wait for them. For example, if you are cooking a Thanksgiving dinner the pacing item would be cooking the turkey. It would not be good for you to cook the side dishes until the pacing item, the turkey, is nearly ready to be served. When NASA went to the moon with the Apollo missions, the lunar module was the pacing item. It was not ready on time and missions such as Apollo 8 changed its objectives.

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they reset the pacing

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Changing the pacing can bulid tension and suspense.

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That is the definition of pacing, yes.

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Changing the pacing can bulid tension and suspense.

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Changing the sentence structure and how quickly events unfold in a story can affect which literary element?


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The main points of good hiking are pacing, speed, resting, and etiquette.

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slow and steady , with a lot of detail ( apex )

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