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Q: What is a good passing percentage in volleyball?
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What percentage of people play volleyball in Canada?

The answer will depend on whether you meanwhat percentage of people in Canada play volleyball, orwhat percentage of people in the world play volleyball in Canada as opposed to elsewhere.

What are volleyball clinics?

volleyball clinics are like practices and they review everything serving, passing, hitting, blockingg

What are the 3 decisions in volleyball?

Passing, Setting, and Spiking/Hitting.

What is plassing in volleyball?

I think you mean "passing"? Passing is the same as 'bumping', usually from the back row, with your forearms.

Which volleyball skill should not be executed with one hand?

Passing, or setting

What is a good hitting percentage in volleyball?

around a 300 is considered pretty good. under 200 is shady and over 380 is really good. but it DOES depend on the age group

How hard is it to get a 1.000 percentage in volleyball?

very hard.

What percentage of Americans say they like volleyball?


What is the definition of bumping a volleyball?

Bumping a volleyball is the action of passing the ball to a specific spot the court by using your arms as a platform and your legs to give you power.

When you pass in volleyball the ball should contact your?

Forearms or hands and fingers if overhead passing.

What percent of female teens play volleyball?

The percentage is unknown. However, at our school 73% of female teens play volleyball.

What Skills Do you have to know to be good at volleyball?

Serve (there are many, many different kinds of serves), forearm pass (the pass that most back row, or defensive, players use), set (the pass that the setter usually gives to a player to hit), and attack (most commonly done by the front row, or offensive, players use), communicate on the court, and play as a team rather than individuals functioning separately. There you have it, volleyball in a nutshell.