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Cricinfo is the best website for cricket, you can also check cricket next.

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Q: What is a good link to see interviews with the cricketers from India after winning the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011?
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Do you thing that Indian cricketers should only play cricket and not endure goods in television?

indian peoples are interested in cricket and it is also favorite game of india

What are all the Indian cricket player?

all the cricketers of India are in India itself and are waiting for the vijay hazare trophy to be held in december and then they will play pakistan in India in january

Should Indian cricketers allowed to play abroad?

Obviously...Y not..?? India is one of the greatest teams currently and has greatest players in the Cricket history..!!

How many people have got title SIR in cricket?

19 cricketers. Australia=1 England= 10 New Zealand= 1 India= 1 West Indies= 6

What is correct 'Indian Cricket' or 'India Cricket'?

Maybe 'India Cricket'

Influence of cricket on media?

Cricket of 1980s was as popular as of the modern day's game. But why the today's cricket is generating more controversies than before. The main culprit is the electronic media. During the India tour of Australia, all the news channels devoted more than 10 hours daily on the cricket pushing all other important issues to backburner. They made it cricket as a religion. They followed the cricketers from India to Australia and back. They prepared ground for huge reception for cricketers at New Delhi. When they were being given public reception, news channels suddenly picked up an issue if cricketers deserved such a volume of praise. When Indian team performed satisfactorily, they suddenly coined a verdict that India is on its way to become world champion. Please wait for few days, if the team somehow fared badly, these channels will waste no time criticising them

Who are some famous cricketers and their achievements?

one famous cricketer and his achievement is sachin tendulkar, from India, who has the most centuries in both test matches and ODI matches. He has achieved a total of 100 centuries. He still plays cricket for India.

Why are India so rubbish at cricket?

India are not rubbish at cricket

How won the icc cricket world cup 2011?

India. Sri Lanka made 274-6, but India made 277-4, winning by 6 wickets!

Which cricketers have taken 300 wickets?

INDIA 300 and i also haver the jewel

Who won cricket between India and Pakistan?

India won the cricket in Pakistan vs India

Who bowled the winning ball of the 1983 Cricket World Cup?

Mohinder Amarnath boweled the winning ball, taking the tenth wicket of the West Indies and India won the World Cup 1983.

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