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Like anything else in life, there are many answers to this question. Some might say, "You get what you paid for." Others aren't sure and want a minimal output until they see that their child will "stick with it."

There is gear that is extremely economical and sparring gear that is like a Mercedes Benz.

In general, many people will pay in the neighborhood of $50-$150 for their sparring gear, but it really depends on the requirements of the place where a student trains.

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Needed- Light gloves such as mma gloves, feet protectors that cover the whole foot, head gear that protects the top and sides of the head, and a mouthpiece.

Usually karate sparring at a begginer to intermediate level, is not at full force, so you don't need that much protection.

But if you want to be really safe,

Optional- Shin protectors, wrist protectors, wrist wraps, face mask, chest pad.

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Karate gi (uniforms) can have a variety of different prices. The reason for the various prices is due to different fabric qualities, different fabric colors, and different fabric weights.

At some online supply stores, a 5 year old's uniform might cost the same as an adults. At other places, the prices will vary by size.

You can usually find prices starting in the $10-$18 price range, but these are very light weight (5 oz) and tend to be rather transparent. An adult needs at least an 8 oz and should consider heavier. While the material is thicker, it tends to stand off the skin and not stick. I recommend a 6oz for my students for their first gi.

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Q: What is a good karate sparring gear?
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Where can one purchase karate sparring gear online?

Two online sites one can purchase karate sparring gear are "KarateDepot" and "MartialArtsMart". Both of these online sites have excellent equipment and prices.

Is there any difference between ATA sparring gear and WTF sparring gear?

Sparring gear is universal.

Can you wear karate shoes at a karate tournament?

Yes you can. But only sparring shoes (which are karate shoes).

Where do you use slap kick in karate?

You use it in Sparring.

How do you measure yourself for sparring gear?

go to this website and it has a guide on how to do it.. its a good website

Where can you buy Sparring gear?

Sparring gear can be bought at most sporting goods retail stores. It can also be found at local specialty shops. Fencing studio's also tend to carry sparring gear and equipment for their patrons.

What is a good combo technique in karate sparring?

Eye jab-shovel kick to scrotum. Puts 'em down every time.

What gear does karate need or use?

If you have just got admission in your dojo you wouldn't probably need anything. Some require a karate uniform or gi. Some dojo require you to have sparring gear if you are going to spar. Most require a mouth guard and groin protection at a minimum. Other items you may have include a shin pad, hand gloves. chest guard, face guard and head gear.

What comes in a sparring gear set?

A sparring gear set includes headguard, punch gloves and kick boots. This protects the head, feet and hands. If special padding is needed for any specific part it can be bought, but it is not considered part of a typical sparring set.

What Tae Kwon Do kup do you need sparring gear?

5th Kup

When can a person spar in karate?

That depends on the school and the rules of the style. Some places start sparring at yellow belt. Other's don't allow sparring below the Brown Belt level.

Is karate a team or individual sport?

neither it is the study of martial tecnique through katas, sparring, drills etc, however the school, instructer, style etc. conducts it. Karate means empty hand.