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go (you still with me?) team

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Q: What is a good cheerleading cheer for girls soccer?
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What is a good name for my cheerleading gym?

cheer zone or Allstar talent

What is a good yearbook headline for cheerleading?

Cheer Us On We Got Spirit ________ Cheering

What colleges have a good cheerleading team?

North Carolina has a good cheer team but is very selective

Cheerleading for girls 5 and upwards within the Manchester area?

Bolton wanderers football club has a cheer-leading squad and when you are old enough and good enough you can cheer on the pitch! the older squad is called Reebok rebels.

What is fierce all-star cheer?

Fierce All Star Cheer is a very good cheerleading team in Rancho Cucamonga,CA they have Compitive cheerleading,tumbling classes, flight classes,and flexibly classes

What is a good sport for girls in seattle?


Best cheerleading team?

Cheer Extreme is definetly really good' but there not as good a Triple Threat All-Stars

Do they have any cheerleading camp?

Depending on where you live. You will most likely find a good camp at a cheer gym.

Is elite cheer explosion a good cheerleading team?

# Yes it is the best team in baton rouge, La..

Where can one find good cheerleading music?

One can find good cheer leading music on YouTube where there are many music mix videos uploaded. They can also be found on 'Buzzle' and 'Cheer Sounds'.

Can you make a cheerleading squad with your friends?

well you could make the cheer team with your friends but it all depends on how good you did and how good your friends did at tryouts

Do guys like girls that are good at soccer?

yes, because girls that play soccer are hard!

Cheerleading dance moves?

well cheerleading dance moves would be cheerleading moves, just with a good up beat song such as "Please dont stop the music" By:Rhina i tried out for cheerleading and we had to learn a dance to that song it was so much fun!!and if you know these moves here are some good cheer moves;

What is a good sport for a twelve year old?

* Basketball * Soccer * Dance * Tumbling/Cheer

Is girls soccer good or not?

totally girls soccer rocks! some times the girls get an attitude but other than that its an awsome sport!

What are good places in Dallas to do competitive cheerleading?

Cheer Athletics... it is in Garland though... but it is worth the drive because they are one of the best teams in the USA.

Is Vizion all-stars a good cheerleading team?

Yes it's a good cheer team. The coaches are so nice and they may work you hard but it feels good to be part of a national champion team.

Is cheer good?

Cheerleading is a very good sport. You do lots of ab workouts and stunts that are very dangerous. Also, it is very fun and you meet lots of friendly people. (well, most of the time) :-)

Where are some good competitive cheerleading groups in Lenior NC?

L-town Odyssey All-Stars- Cheer Extreme at KPAC gym- ,

What is the main steps in cheerleading?

the main steps in cheer leading is know how to do cheer leading know how to front spot back spot be a flyer or to base. And you should be good at doing dance in front of a lot of people and judges if they are a competition team.

What are some sports for girls?

I like allstar cheer and just regular cheerleading and if ur not so girly then basketball or tennis mabey golf and u know girls play football too...............................and if ur and allstar cheerleader and there is some boys on ur team don't laugh cause their actually really good all of them are

Do you have to know how to do a cartwheel in cheerleading?

The good part of cheerleading is that there is a part for everyone. Some people just cheer and do the "dance moves" while others, called flippers do the tumbling. But, it al depends on the team that you choose to join and their requirements might be different than mine.

What is the duration of Good Cheer?

The duration of Good Cheer is 1200.0 seconds.

Who is the best cheerleading team?

triple threat all-stars is the best but, there are many other good teams out there. Cheer extreme and top gun won worlds last year.

What are some good cheerleading places in Lenior NC?

I'm not sure where Lenior is but here are the best cheer gyms in NC. Cheer Extreme Allstars (They have a gym in Raleigh, Kernersville, Greenville, Salem and Sanford) Greensboro Allstars (Greensboro) Charlotte Allstars (Charlotte)