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A good time for the 200m is 26 seconds and under. Those who are most competitive run a 23 or 24. As for the 100m 12 seconds and under is great but 11 is amazing. Good Luck!

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Q: What is a good 100m and 200m time for a junior in high school?
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What is a good 100m and 200m time for a freshman in high school?

A good time to run it in is .... * a girl = 12/13 seconds for a 100 and about 26/27 in 200m * a boy = 10/12 seconds for a 100 and about 23/25 in 200m

What are good high school sprint times?

boys 100m: under 11.8 boys 200m: under 24.5 seconds girls 100m: under 13 sec girls 200m under 27 sec. These are not outstanding times but are average to above average

Minet Junior School?

minet junior school is a primary school in hayes and it is a really good school

What is the average time for a 200m dash for a sophomore or junior in high school I know Michael Johnson ran it in 19.32s as a record but people are saying 20 seconds is just good. What's the avg?

for a 14 year old averagly fast i run 200m in aprox 26 secs and came second for the district for a 14 year old averagly fast i run 200m in aprox 26 secs and came second for the district

Where is braunstone frith junior school?

Braunstone Frith Junior School is a school junior schholin leicester. It's one of the best junior schools in leicester. they are really good in sports

Is shatin junior school good?

yep compared to other junior schools in hk

Good speed for 100m and 200m 17 year old boy?

Well, you see! The speed for a 17-year old boy is simply faster, right? So the speed is 21.6km/hr!

Are these good times for a sixth grade boy?

MY TIMES: 100m-13.9400m-1:09800m-2:501600m-6:42Never Run 200m Should I do track?

What is a good time for the 100 and 200 mm dash for 13 yr old boy?

My daughter is eleven she does 200m in just under thirty seconds (best in her grade) and so for you a great run is twenty fiveish. My daughter is not a great sprinter she is second best and she does fifteen seconds for 100m but if you are really good you should be able to do thirteen or fourteen (on esecond difference in 100m is a lot)! Good luck

What are the 2010 commonwealth games qualifying times for swimming?

50m- 14seconds 100m- 18seconds 200m- 22seconds 400m- 29seconds Good Luck! :)

What is a good time for an average 14 year old boy in the 200m sprint?

I am 15 and a week ago i hit 25.55 so i dunno if that helps I am 14 and got 23.87 and I'm mainly a 100m runner I am 14 and i got 21.24 and 10.2 in the 100m i doubt u got 10.2 the record for 14 year old is like 10.7 so stop lying a good time for the 200 is around 24-25 sec and a good time for 100 is around 12-13 sec I'm a 14 yr old girl i run 200m in 27-28 secs a 14 yr old boy at my schools runs 200m in 22-23secs and i run 11m in 14-15 secs and the boys runs 100m in about 12-13 secs so hope it helped but i know a lad in yr 7 who can run 100m in something like 13 secs so hope i helped

Is okotokes junior high school good?

Hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is 1790 a good SAT score for junior high school student?

SAT tests are important for getting into college. A SAT score of 1790 is a very good score for a junior high school student.

Is SJI Junior a top primary school?

Personally, SJI Junior is quite a elite school, with its links to good schools like SJI (International), SJI (Independent), St Patrick's etc. The education is good.

How good was john Lennon in school?

John Lennon failed in school, and dropped out his Junior year of high school.

What is a good college track 200m dash time?

Under 24 is a fast time for high-school upperclassmen and college athletes.

Is a 2.3 GPA good for a junior in high school?

A 3.0 and up is considered good.

Is 29 palms junior high a good school?

yes! its awsome

Are the following good times for a 13year old girl to run and which do you think i am best at 100m 16.65seconds 200m 38seconds 400m 1minute 21seconds 1500m 6minutes 36seconds 3miles 24minutes?

Personally i am on a Summer track team and i am 13, and the girls i run with most of our times for the 100m is 12 and 13 seconds, the 200m is 27,28,29,30, and 31 seconds, then the 400m times we get are 1 minute flat up to 1 minute and 8 seconds!! Those times are kinda slow, but i know if you practice as hard as us girls do you can totally do it! :)...Also im not sure about the 1500 or the 3 miles!

Is 12.4 a competitive time for a boy just tend 15 year old boy for the 100m sprint?

its an ok time. i'd say it is abit better than average, but to run competitively it is just good enough but if you wish to go further in 100m its not fast enough. im the same age as you and my pb is 11.00s and i just missed out in qualifying to run nationally that's why i have moved to 200m.

What are the short term and long term goals of a student junior high school?

Basically do good in school and plan your career in the future.

Is a 32 on the ACT a good high school junior?

32 is really well! 36 is the highest.

How can you get to varsity football your freshman year in high school?

You have to be the size of a junior/senior and you have to be really good.

Is a 2.9 gpa good for a high school?

sorry no i am currently a junior in high school and i have a 3.2 and it is still not enough to recive college attention.

What is a good time in the 200m for a high school freshman boy?

Average: 25.0+ Good: 24.0-24.9 Excellent 23.0-23.9 Elite: 22.9 or below