What is a gold label DVD?

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Q: What is a gold label DVD?
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Where can one purchase a dvd label maker?

A DVD label maker can be purchased at office stores like Office Depot and Staples. Apple also offers a DVD label maker for purchase. Amazon and eBay have great deals on DVD label makers.

What is the lifespan of a DVD?

Answer"MAM-A estimates their Gold label CD-R's have a life-span of 300 years and the silver CD-R's of about 50 years. Other discs that they have tested look like they'll fail in 2 years or less. Due to differences in organic dyes between CDs and DVD's, Gold label DVD's have a lab-rated life-span of 100 years, if handled properly. MAM-A silver label CDs and DVD's can start to degrade after 20-30 years."Source:

Where can a person go to purchase a DVD label printer?

DVD label printers print directly to the disc so there is no sticking on labels. A person can go to Best Buy Circuit City, or Walmart to purchase a DVD label printer.

What is a free DVD making software where you can label the scenes or buttons?

Windows DVD Maker.

Is princess mononoke dircted by hayao miyazakion Disney DVD?

No , The DVD was released on the Miramax label .

Which program makes detailed custom cd labels?

Make custom CD labels with Arcsoft DVD label maker, Neato label maker or jewel maker DVD label maker. There are other label making programs available if these are not sufficient for your needs.

What is the difference between joinnewalker blue label and gold label?

Gold label is 15 years. Blue label has no limiting age, it is a blend of whatever happens to be the best stuff that they have at the distillery at the time.

Can felt tip pen be used to label a CD or DVD?

No Unless the marker is designed for DVD Or CD use.

Dose writing labels on a DVD cause problems?

DVD players read the bottom of a disk, not the top. You can safely label the top of a DVD with a marker.

How old is your bottle of metaxa seven star gold label series 112?

metaxa gold label 4/5 quart 92 proof

What whiskey brand has three swallows on its label?

Powers Gold Label has the three swallows emblem.

How may you obtain a DVD copy of Tarzan and the Valley of Gold?

buy the DVD

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