What is a french cowboy called?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Lucky Luke

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Q: What is a french cowboy called?
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What do you call a cowboy in France?

A cowboy is called cowboy in French if you are talking of Western movies. Technically a boy working in farms is called "un employé de ferme", "un garçon vacher" if he is looking only after cattle.

What is the french word for cowboy?

the proper translation of cowboy in French would be "garçon vacher", but anyone says 'cowboy', especially when talking of American ones.

How do you spell cowboys in French?

Cowboy is the same in French as in English.

What is a cowboy from Mexico called?

A cowboy from Mexico is a vaquero.

Who is the Cowboy in the Toy Story movies?

The cowboy from toy story is called Woody.

What is a cowboy kit called?


What are cowboy trousers called?


What are Hungarian cowboy called?


What is cow-boy boots in French?

des bottes de cowboy.

What is a cowboy hat called?

A Stetson (if it *is* one), or sometimes a "ten-gallon hat" or just a "cowboy hat."

How do you say calm down cowboy in french?

Du calme, du calme.

Who was called Mr Cowboy?

Bob Lilly