What is a formal activity?

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a formal activity is a sport like shotput

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Q: What is a formal activity?
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Related questions

What is a formal writing activity?

A letter of resignation would be formal writing.

What is the difference between formal and informal creative activity for children?

The formal creative activity for children refers to the activities done within a given curriculum or institution. The informal creative activity for children refers to the activity done outside a given curriculum. In most cases it is usually done at home.

What is informal and formal creative activity for children?

inormal is free play, proccess of learning is key

Do men have to wear a tux or can they wear a suit or blazer and dress pants?

Be more specific, like when. It depends on how formal the activity is

One major difference between the house and senate is the total number of members a difference that has meant?

a greater number of formal rules are needed to govern activity in the House.

Do they do division in Key Stage 1?

Yes but not written in the formal way. Division is taught through the practical activity of 'sharing out' and making groups/sets of objects.

What type of language should you use in the invitation?

Normally, you use formal language. It depends on the type of activity. If you are writing a cousin to join you at a beach house for a week end, use informal language. If you are having a wedding with 200 guests, use formal language. In that case, ask your caterer.

What is reality orientation?

A formal activity that uses specific approaches to assist confused or disoriented persons toward an awareness of reality, say 'here and now' or by emphazizing the day and the time and year.

What is the acronym for SPORTS?

"Sports" is not an acronym (a word made up of the initials of other words), and it doesn't have an acronym. "Sports" is an ordinary English word referring to a kind of physical activity that has a formal structure and rules.

When did the Hebrew religion start?

It's hard to say, as their own record (the Bible), records religious activity from the beginning of the world. Many would say the formal religion started with Abraham, about 2000 B.C.E.

Turning in a car prior to reposession?

Turning in a car prior to formal repossession activity is still a repossession. It differs only in the fact that it is voluntary and may not affect your credit quite as adversely. It does demonstrate a certain level of responsibility.

What is the definition of rural management?

The activity and process of managing the development process in the rural areas. professionalising the management of rural organisation calls for attaching the specific but unmet needs of the sector with the formal techniques and skills of management professional.

What is the definition code of ethics?

A code of ethics can be defined as a formal statement of ethical principles with regard to some stated activity, such as for example, a doctor's code of ethics, a police code of ethics, a priests code of ethics, etc.

Is formal a prefix?

Formal is not a prefix itself. The for- in formal, however, is a prefix.

What are some retailers in the United States that specialize in formal gowns?

Some of the many retailers in the US that specialize in formal gowns include UsTrendy, Formal Approach, Manny's Formal Wear, Rene's Formal Wear, and Alexandria's Formal.

Is formal an adjective?

Yes, it can be an adjective based on the noun form. Formal has a connotation of an important or official occasion (e.g. formal dinner, formal wear, formal complaint).

When do you wear a formal kilt?

Formal wear is something that is important for all of us. Whether you are looking for the perfect formal or semi-formal

What is formal introduction?

the formal introduction is that the formal to introduced your self and don't be shy

Why did Maya play the ball game?

The Maya played the ball game as a type of ritual. They games were usually formal events and many times had some type of human sacrifice. Sometimes the game was played by children as a recreational activity.

What is impeachment power?

Impeachment is a formal process in which an elected official is accused of unlawful activity.which may or may not lead to the removal of that official from office.

Is the rocky mountains a formal or functional or perceptual region?


What is the importance of formal groups to an organization?

importance of formal communication

What level of diction is typically used in newspapers and magazines?


What are the types of banquets?

there are mainly 2 types of banquet i.e formal & informal. formal can be divided into full formal & semi formal.

Differene between formal and non-formal agreement?

Differene of formal,informal and non-formal education