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A safety occurs when the team with offensive possession of the ball has backward motion into their endzone and is brought down. The defensive team is awarded two points and possession of the ball after a free kick by the offensive team.

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Q: What is a football safety?
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What does db in football mean?

Defensive Back: Safety, Free Safety, Strong Safety, and Cornerbacks

When was Kevin Mitchell - American football safety - born?

Kevin Mitchell - American football safety - was born on 1985-04-06.

What does SS Football?

Strong Safety

What is the safety in football?

strong and free

What are health and safety regulations in football?

There are many health and safety regulations in football. Players are required to wear a cup, helmet and mouth guards.

In football is a safety part of the offensive team?

No, a safety plays in the defensive backfield.

Does the ss in football stand for strong safety?

Yes, it stands for Strong Safety

Who is Devin Wallace?

Devin Wallace is a football player with the position of free safety (FS). Free Safety players are among the fastest player in football.

What is the football position SS?

Strong safety.

In football how many points do you get for a safety?


What does fs mean in football?

free safety

What position does s stand for in football?


What postion is fs in football?

Free Safety

In football what does ss stand for?

Strong Safety

What is a free safety on a football team?

they play in the defensive backfield along with the cornerbacks and strong safety.

How many points is a safety worth in football?

a safety is worth 2 points for the opposite team.

What does FS stand for in football?

In football terminology, FS means Free Safety, a defensive position.

What position in football is SS short for?

Strong safety

A safety is worth how many points in football?


Is the safety position in football offense or defense?

it is defense

Does Defensive line in football Included Free Safety?


How has safety equipment in sports evolved?

from rugby to football

What is the position S in football?

the position s is the safety

What does the position S stand for in football?

In American football, 'S' is a safety. In association football, 'S' may be used for striker.

What is a safety in CFL?

If you are referring to the position, a safety is the approximate equivalent to the free safety position in American football. (The strong safety position is replaced by two "halfbacks", since there are 12 men to a side in Canadian football.) In scoring a safety is the same thing as in American football. If a player is tackled within his own end zone or steps out of the back of his own end zone the opposing team is awarded two points for a "safety" and the tackled player's team is then required to kick the ball off to their opponents.