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a football jersey is a football players shirt

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Q: What is a football jersey?
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How can you tell the difference between a replica football jersey and authentic jersey?

A replica football jersey has printed lettering and a authentic football jersey has stitched lettering.

Can you pull someones jersey in football?

can you grab someones football Jersey in nfl football

Were can you by national macedonian football jersey?

where i cab bye Macedonian football jersey

When was Jersey Football Association created?

Jersey Football Association was created in 1905.

What should I wear with my football jersey?

Jeans are a good item to pair with a football jersey.

What is a throwback football jersey?

A throwback jersey is a jersey made in the likeness of a jersey that a player wore in a particular year.

Who wore Nebraska football jersey?

Nebraska football team

How do you pronounce 'New Jersey'?

New as in "New Car" and Jersey as in "Football Jersey". (NEYW) (JER_SEE)!

What clothing is needed to play soccer?

The clothing needed in a football match, are a vest, a numbered jersey, shorts and a pair of stocking and a pair of football boots.

Which famous American football players have worn the jersey number 45?

American football players have worn the jersey number 45?

What is the most expensive throwback football jersey?

The most expensive jersey has to be the throwback jersey of Bob Griese

What state was football created in?

American football was founded in New Jersey

What football player wears a 28 on their football jersey?

adrian peterson

Where can one purchase football jersey cards?

One can purchase football jersey cards from the following sources: Sports Buy, eBay, Football Collectible, Football Card Shop, Amazon, Overstock, Blow Out Cards.

Where can a football jersey be sold?


How do you stretch a football jersey?

by pulling on it

What was his football jersey number?


How do you shrink your football jersey?

By wash it

What is needed to play football?

everything like soccer no a football helmet, a practice jersey and a game jersey, football cleets, mouth guard, and sometimes replacements for the cleets

What football player wears a number 21 football jersey?

LaDainian Tomlinson

What is the name of the New Jersey football team?

The New York Jets and New York Giants, they both share a stadium, and guess what, it's in New Jersey! There is no football team with a New Jersey name.

What should you bring to football camp?

A person should bring a football, a jersey, and a good attitude to football camp.

Who wears jersey?

all football players

Where can you make custom football jersey?

On line

Sims 3 expansion football jersey?