What is a foot foul in volleyball?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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A foot fault occurs when a player's feet are at rest before hitting the ball, but they are moved before the shot so that a foot hits one of the following positions:

- the court, including the baseline

- any part of the imaginary extension of the outer mark

- anywhere beyond the imaginary extension found outside of the singles guideline or the doubles guideline, depending on the match type.

To avoid being called for a foot foul, you should ensure that your server is relaxed and stationary. This means that you should avoid any type of serve that involves more than one foot's movement to avoid being called for the foul.

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A foot foul is when you step over the line on your serve.

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Q: What is a foot foul in volleyball?
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How can a player foul whilst serving in volleyball?

If your foot is on the serving line

What is foul in volleyball?

There is no such thing as a foul in volleyball.

How many fouls can a player get before having to sit the rest of game in volleyball?

There is no such thing as fouls in volleyball. Well, a player can get a foot foul, and that is when the players foot touches or crosses serving line. You can get as many of those as you want. There really isn't any fouls in volleyball like there are in basketball

What is the motion of an out ball in volleyball?


What is considerd a foul in volleyball?

Slide tackle

What is a foul in badminton?

A foul in soccer is when you slide tackle, grab, pull on another players jersey, or hit another player. It can also be when you bad mouth a player, coach, or referee. These can also become yellow or red flags if taken too far.

What is A foul in which the player steps on or over the end line while serving in volleyball?

The other team automatically gets a point and the ball C:

What the foul rule in volleyball?

when a foul is committed in volleyball that team/side losses that point and gives the other side the serve.

Is it a foul in volleyball if the net touches you because a spiked ball pushed the net into you?


Can a foot be used to pass the volleyball?

No, it cannot

Is it a foul when a player dives forward with one arm out to keep the ball in play in volleyball?

No. It is encouraged.

How can I make a 32 foot volleyball net to fit in a 20 foot space?

What are you talking about. I guess you can get a smaller ball or a bigger volleyball court. Bascially it and that simple.