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Where you put your foot on the other side of the volleyball court


A foot fault is when your serving you step on the court/line

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Q: What is a foot fault in volleyball?
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Is a foot fault a service foul in volleyball yes or no?

yes it is a service fault

What are the fouls for volleyball?

Volleyball does not have fouls although there is a lift and a foot fault which could be considered fouls.

What is a foot vault?

A foot fault is when in volleyball you serve and you pass the line or put your foot under the net.

What is the definition of a volleyball foot fault?

While serving, if the player's foot breaks the line, it is considered a foot fault, and the opposing team is awarded a point.

When serving in can the server step on the backline in volleyball?

No, that would be a foot-fault.

What is it called in volleyball when the server steps over the serving line?

Foot fault.

What is a volleyball foot fault?

When the person who is serving steps over or on the service line.

Common faults in volleyball?

Doubles, net violations, out of rotation, foot fault, lift, etc.

Volleyball When you step on he line during the serve it's called a?

It is called a foot fault. You can also have a foot fault if you step over the center line onto the opponent's court.

What is A foul in which the player steps on or over the end line while serving in volleyball?

It is called a "foot fault".

What is the meaning of a foot fault in volleyball?

A foot-fault is when the player serving steps over the back boundary line while in the process of serving. You must stay within all out of bound's lines when serving.

Can a foot fault be challenged in professional tennis?

What has "professional" got to do with it ? A foot fault is a foot fault.

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