What is a foot fault in netball?

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It's when you have the ball and you move the foot you landed on. So if you caught the ball, put down your left foot as you landed and then put down your right foot, moving you left foot afterwards would be a fault.

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Q: What is a foot fault in netball?
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What is drag in netball?

a drag is when you're landing foot drags across the surface, as you land, causing a footwork fault.

What is single foot landing in netball?

its a landing on a single foot... in netball.

Can a foot fault be challenged in professional tennis?

What has "professional" got to do with it ? A foot fault is a foot fault.

What is foot vault in tennis?

If you were referring to foot fault, foot fault is when serving you foot steps on the baseline or if it crosses the middle of the baseline. If you do commit a foot-fault, a serve is taken away from you; i.e if you make a foot-fault on a first serve you have to hit a 2nd serve and if you make a foot-fault on a second serve, a double fault is given.

What do you call the foot in netball that hits the floor when the player has the ball?

Landing foot? Or grounded foot.

What is a netball pivot?

I netball pivot is when you keep one foot stationary on the floor and it doesn't move and the other foot andyour body goes in a circular motion with out moving your grounded foot.

What are the scorekeepers job in netball?

ryan has foot fetish

What is the foot fault rule in the game of Badminton?

A foot fault is when your foot hist the service line while serving.

What is a foot fault?

A foot fault is when you serve and your foot touches the ground on or or forward of the service line before you strike the ball.

What is a foot fault in volleyball?

Where you put your foot on the other side of the volleyball court Correction A foot fault is when your serving you step on the court/line

In tennis what happens when somebody foot faults?

A foot fault is the same as a regular fault. If you foot-fault twice then its their point. Though it often occurs much more in junior tennis then the pros.

How do you do a lob pass in netball?

You need to put your foot under the ball and get your foot up under the ball

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