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When you get 10 yards ahead of the original line of scrimmage

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Q: What is a first down in the game of football?
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What is it called when you gained 10 yards in a football game?

A first down :P

In what year was the first intercollegiate football game played?

1869 was the first intercollegiate football game.

How do you get a first down in a NFL football game?

you must move any part of the ball over the chain

How many Downs in a Candian CFL football game?

In Canadian football, a team has only three downs to make a first down. That's why Canadian football is a "wide open" game, unlike the more static game that's played in the US.

How did the Arena Football League get its start?

The Arena Football League was first started from an idea of an indoor football game. The first game was played in 1987. The first test game was played in Rockford Illinois.

What happens after a first down in football?

2nd down =]

What was the first American football game ever filmed?

The first American football game filmed was between the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago in 1904. Click on the 'First Filmed American Football Game' link on this page to read about the game.

How do you get a first and ten in football?

You have to get a first down. When you get a first down, it moves the chains and it is first down. When you have a first down and the are no penalties, it is a first and ten.

Does a team have three tries to make a first down in football?

In the Canadian Football League, a team has three plays to make a first down. In the National Football League, a team has four plays to make a first down.

What does first down mean in a football game?

1st down means when the attackers have succesfully gained 10 yards in the direction they are going and then tackled or the ball is dead

When was the first college football game televised?

Michigan's first televised game was in what year?

Who used the first soccer ball?

The specification of the first football were laid down in 1872. The first footballs were used by Football association who played at that time.

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