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.44 seconds

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Q: What is a fast home plate to home plate time in baseball?
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Is 14 seconds fast for an 8 year old running around all the bases in baseball from home plate to home plate?

I assume you're asking about a 60-foot youth baseball field. If so, the time is about average. When coaching that age group, I usually timed the fastest runners at just over 13 seconds and the slowest at just over 15.

What is considered a good time running from home plate to first base in high school baseball?

After you hit the ball

If you where to go 1 time around a baseball field would it be a yard or a mile?

If you go one time around a baseball field (home plate to 1st, then to 2nd, then to 3rd and then back to home, you will travil 360 feet or 120 yards.

What is a fast running time in softball home to home?

The fastest time rounding the bases in a game of baseball is 13.3 seconds. This record was set by Evar Swanson in 1932.

What is considered a good time for running from home plate to second base in high school baseball?

During a run down

What does runs mean in baseball stats?

Runs means runs scored. Every time a player scores, by touching home plate, he is credited with a run.

How has sports change from the 1950'?

Sports have changed a lot over time. In baseball, the home-plate empire used to sit in a rocking chair waiting for the pitch. Also, baseball bats were made with doorknobs.

Which way is Australia's tectonic plate moving and how fast?

they are moving south and west at the same time

What is the strike zone in softball?

The strike zone is girls fastpitch softball is from the armpits to the knees vertically and from each side of home plate horizontally. It is not the same as in MLB which the photo above shows.

What is a good time from home to second in baseball?

AnswerA good time would be around fifteen to twenty seconds and you can also watch videos of this and time it.Actually about 8 to 9 seconds. A fast runner gets from home to 1st in 4 seconds.

How did the expression 'out of left field' come about?

That expression came about around 1947, and is related to America's great pastime, baseball. "Left field" is the left side of a baseball field, looking out from home plate. David Wilton states that the expression probably came into being from the idea that a ball fielded from left field was unlikely to be thrown to home plate in time to put a runner out. [Link below.]

How do you keep score in a baseball game?

Each time a player crosses the home plate and has passed all of the bases, that is one point. You just add points after that until the 9 innings are up.

How does softball and baseball differ from the batter?

in baseball the pitcher is standing 66feet 6 inch from the plate in fastpitch the pitcher is standing 43 feet from the plate ,there is less reaction time for the fastpitch batter

Who are the 3 all time league baseball home run leaders?

Who are the 3 time Major league baseball home run leaders

What is the average pitch speed for mens fast pitch softball?

110 mph? No, probably not. Most of the top men's pitchers throw in the 80's. There have been some studies done, though, showing that a 85 mph fastpitch is like a 100 mph baseball pitch in terms of reaction time the hitter has. Remember in baseball, the pitcher is 60' 6" from home plate. In fastpitch, the pitching rubber is only 46 feet away, and many of the good pitchers leap towards home, so they are even closer by the time they release the ball. If 85mph doesn't sound fast to you, also consider they are throwing a 12" ball instead a 9" baseball. Some fastpitch hitters will tell you that it's harder to hit an 85mph fastpitch than a 100 baseball, because you have so little time to react. see for information on their annual "World Tournament". It is the "World Series" of men's fastpitch.

How long does it take a 60 mph ball to cross home plate?

There are similar questions for different speeds - easiest way is to scale speed to time. Otherwise, how wide is the home plate?

What is considered a good time for running from home plate to home in softball?

As a softball player and the league i play in its a very good question. I would say that it would very between 13 and 14 sec. It really determines by how fast you can run, so there is no real answer but i think it is between 13 and 14 sec.

Fast pitch softball switch hitting in the same at bat?

You can move to the other side of the plate during an at bat IF you ask for time out from the umpire AND time out is granted.

What are the benefits of having a good reaction time?

If you had fast reaction time you might be good at fast paced sports. Such as badminton, baseball, drag racing and many others.

Good time for running from home plate to first base in college baseball?

above average: 4.2 average: 4.3 below average: 4.4 poor: 4.5

What is a fast time running from home to home in fastpitch softball?

all the way around the bases? 12 secs

If a ball is thrown 100 mph how much time does it take to get to home plate?

1. 7 seconds

Time for player go from home plate to 1st base?

Who is running on the play? It always depends on which player it is...

What is the equation needed to find the time it takes for a baseball from the pitcher's mound to home plate at 100 miles an hour?

In physics, Velocity = Distance/Time. Therefore, Time= Distance/Velocity. Insert the Velocity and you get Time= Distance/100. However you'd have to convert either the distance to miles or velocity to feet. 1 mile= 5,280 feet

Who is the all-time leader in Home-runs and how many did he hit?

Barry Bonds is Baseball's all time home run leader with 762 career home runs.