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I do not know. But when i was twelve, I ran a 100meter dash in about 12, 13 seconds. Is that good?

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Q: What is a fast 100 meters for a fourteen year old boy?
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How fast should a 3 year old boy run 100 meters?

faster than me

How fast is 13.1 in 100 meters?


What is the normal heart rate of a fourteen year old girl walking fast?

It will vary from 60-100 beats/minute depending on your physical condtion and weight.

How fast do dolphins swim 100 meters?

i dont no

How many meters is fourteen centimeters?

1 meter - 100 cm So it would be 0.14 m

What is the average speed over 100 meters for a twelve year old girl?

About 16 seconds for a slim semi-fast girl

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How fast is agbonlahor?

He runs the 100 meters in 9.98

How fast can nadal run?

he ran 10.78 for 100 meters

How fast is 6.130 seconds in MPH for 100 meters?


How fast can a lion run 100 meters?

2.5 seconds

Is a 15.1 second 100 meter dash in regular sneakers for an untrained twelve year old considered track team team fast?

A time of 15.1 seconds in the 100 meters for a 12 year old is a good time. It is not considered especially fast, but it is likely as fast or faster than average.