What is a famous sport played in Europe?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Rugby, Lacrosse, cricket, and soccer

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Q: What is a famous sport played in Europe?
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What is Europe's most famous sport?


What famous sport is played in White City?

There isn't a famous sport played in White City Oregon White City in the UK is a famous greyhound track

Does the sport cricket still exist?

Yes, it does. It is primarily played in Europe.

Where in the world is curling played as a sport?

Europe, Canada and the United States.

How do famous athletes get into a hall of fame for the sport that they played?

You get in the hall of fame by being good in that particular sport

The most famous sport in canada?

One famous sport that is played in Canada is ice hockey. Ice hockey is believed to have first been played in Canada in the 1830s. Another Canadian sport is curling.

What is the most played sport in Europe?

i would have to say soccer is most frequent

Popular sports played in Beijing?

Cycling is the most famous sport.

What famous American sport is part Asian but from Thailand?

The famous sport is Badminton from 1932. Thailand was where I lived and we played Badminton. We know that this is from Asia but also from Thailand.

What was the first sport played in New York and how famous was it?

Basketball. And since it was the 1st pretty dang famous.

What were some famous athletes in the 1940?

Jodhan Singh he was the man star for every sport he actually played for each sport and teams from each sport

What was the most famous sport people played in the 70's?

muhammad ali