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People in Mexico call it football

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Q: What is a fact about soccer?
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What is fact about soccer?

The owner of the whole soccer accosiation is Sepp blatter

Is the natoinal sport of gremany soccer?

The national sport of Germany is in fact soccer.

An fact about David Beckham?

he is great at soccer

Is it true that soccer is the best sport as a fact?

yes, obviously

What is a fact about Brazilian history?

they love to play soccer there!! =D

Who is the best soccer player for skill?

This is a matter of opinion, not a FACT.

What type of information can be found at the Soccer Positions website?

Job information can be found at the Soccer Positions website. In fact, it has a huge database regarding all kinds of Soccer jobs that are readily available.

Why is soccer so popular in Brazil?

There are various reasons that soccer is so popular in Brazil. For example, there is the fact that the national team is among the best in the world.

Is the game of soccer increasing in popularity?

Yes Yes. In fact the U.S. seemed more interested in football, but Soccer is getting to be more popular and they are going to have arenas with the special turf that soccer players need. Soccer is a very popular sport in most parts of the world.

Is handball like soccer?

Handball is similar to soccer in the fact that there are to goals in which you try to get the ball into. However if you change soccer to the british Football you can start to notice the difference. IN HANDBALL YOU USE YOUR HANDS! SOCCER YOU USE YOUR FEET! U IDIOT!

Is fantasy soccer popular?

this is just me but i don't know anybody who plays fantasy soccer. In fact right now is the first time I've ever heard of it

Does Mexico have any professional sports?

Yes it does. I am half Mexican and I know for sure soccer is the sport there and it is played professionally too. In fact, the Mexico soccer team won the gold medal in the 2012 Olympics this summer for soccer.

What was Enrique's Iglesias favorite sports?

It is most probably soccer. His life is all around soccer. And the fact he is a professional footballer in Europe proves his passion for this sport is unlimited.

How is the skill of dribbling in soccer different from dribbling in basketball?

They are, in fact, very different from each other. Soccer dribbling only involves the feet and basketball only with hands.

In Germany did they play soccer?

Yes they do. In fact, just this year they had their own Euro Cup.

Why do male soccer players get more media coverage then female soccer players?

They are better (not sexist), it is a fact they are bigger stronger faster and score more spectacular goals. Male soccer is simply more entertaining play to watch.

Does a soccer ball curl more in humid or dry conditions?

I believe the humid weather due to the fact that the weather can usually affect the outcome of the total spin of the soccer ball.

Why is Liverpool not called Liverpool Soccer Club?

Because it is not known as "Soccer" in the UK, in fact the US is one of the only nations that calls football soccer, it is known as football to the rest of the world. It is however known as Liverpool F.C (Liverpool Football Club)

Why soccer is better than american football?

The fact is that football is an infinitely better game than soccer. Period. Football requires a much wider range of physical talent and a broader.

What is a good fact about gaa?

a good fact about and easy fact about GAA is that u can handball unlike soccer u hav 2 kick it around :) im only 10 srry bout da spelins

How did soccer become a pro sport?

publicity, money, the fact its fun, interesting and gthe fact its called football instead of ricking soccer its a british sport, shouldn't you start calling it the same name as thwe people who invented it, and isn't football a more logical name for where you kick a ball with your foot, what does American 'football' have to do with football anyway, shoudlnt we be calling that soccer instead of American football?

Do you need different cleats for indoors soccer?

Yes! in fact, you can't even wear "cleats'. You have to wear flat-bottomed shoes. It's recommended to have 'soccer shoes' for indoor.

Is it to late to become a soccer player at 18 when you play in 3 division in your country?

Absolutely not! In fact, playing college-level soccer is one of the most important steps to becoming a professional player.

Will Beach Soccer Become More Popular than Regular Soccer?

No. In fact neither will become more popular. All sports will die out and ultimately be replaced by the one true sport: Wall-Nut Bowling.

Who are some athlete from spanish speaking country?

A famous Hispanic athlete would be Lionel Messi, who is a famous soccer player from Argentina. :) (Extra fact: fútbol means "soccer" in Spanish.)