What is a divisional team?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What is a divisional team?
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Who wins the division if two teams go 13-3 one team goes 4-2 in the division losing both games to the tied team who happens to go 3-3 in the division?

The tie breaker for divisional teams with the same overall record (13-3 in this case), is the won-lost record within the division. In this case, it doesn't matter that the team with the 4-2 divisional record suffered both those divisional losses at the hands of the team with the 3-3 divisional record, the 4-2 team wins the division. Only if the divisional records were tied would the head-to-head matchups come into play.

What pro football team has the most divisional and world championships combined?

Green Bay Packers

When was the last time a team won all its divisional games and failed to make the playoffs?

This year...2010

What organisational structure is the BBC functional or divisional?


What is product divisional structure?

What is product divisional structure?

What is the name of the NFL team that went 6-0 in their divisional games and still not win their division?

2010 Oakland Raiders.

What team has won the most post season games in baseball since divisional playoffs began?

New York Yankees

What team has the most AFC divisional playoffs in last 10 year?

New England Patriots

What do you mean by Divisional Assistant. what are the duties and works as a Divisional Assistant?


Does the team with the most overall divisional wins in there division win the division even if they have less total wins than another team in there division?

In the national football league, the team with the most wins overall wins In major league baseball, the team with the most wins overall wins In the national basketball association, the top three teams from each division get the top 3 seeds, then the following best records get into the playoffs in order of wins. In college football, the team with the most DIVISIONAL technically wins, although they play the team in their division with the second most divisional wins in a "championship game". Although it should be stated that they are call conferences i.e. Pac 10 Conference, Big 10 Conference

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The population of Mawanella Divisional Secretariat is 108,000.

What is Kantalai Divisional Secretariat's population?

The population of Kantalai Divisional Secretariat is 42,861.