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The deck is the top of the board. The rails are the sides. The tail is the back. The nose is the front.

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Q: What is a deck on a surfboard?
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Which part of the surfboard makes the surfboard stronger?

It is the deck.

How would you fibreglass a surfboard?

To make the board waterproof and to provide strength to the PU foam, four or six ounce fibreglass composites are laid on the blank which are then set in polyester resin. Before laying the fibreglass, decals(surfboard shaper logos) can be placed on the board. Usually the bottom of the surfboard is covered with one layer of fibreglass and then covered with resin first, and when dry the same procedure can be done to the deck of the surfboard. Two layers of fibreglass can be placed put on the deck for a stronger surfboard. If you want to cut down on weight, instead of placing two layers you can also just place an extra layer on the tail, nose and rails as these should have in little more protection.

Is the golden surfboard cp?

there's not a gold surfboard but there is a silver surfboard which is in the sports catalog

Who invented the surfboard legrope?

james surfboard

Which is heavier a foam or fiberglass surfboard?

Fiberglass surfboard

My surfboard needs to be waxed.?

Here is a site that talks about surfboard waxing and how to do it , or this site that shows you how to wax the surf board

How fast can a surfboard travel?

well mate, it actually depends of the steerer of the surfboard. if the steerer is fat, then the surfboard will be too lazy to pull his weight around but if the steerrer is skinny, the surfboard will still be too lazy. that's just how a surfboard works, get a boat if you want to go somewhere fast!

What happens if the wrong resin is used on a surfboard?

If you use the wrong resin on a surfboard, you could scratch it and ruin your surfboard. Be careful about what resin you use.

How many surfboard manufacturers are there in the us?

There are 259 surfboard manufacturers in the U.S.A.

What does a 6 foot surfboard weigh?

how much does a 6,5 surfboard weight

What does a surfboard leash cup do?

it helps the surfboard stay balanced so when you go over waves the surfboard won't wobble or tip over as much

Where online could one purchase surfboard racks at a reasonable price?

There are a number of online retailers where one can purchase surfboard racks. For instance, Surfboard Racks, Shopzilla, and Price Machine all carry a wide selection of surfboard racks.

Is a Walden magic surfboard better than a Dewey weber performer surfboard?


When was Grain - surfboard company - created?

Grain - surfboard company - was created in 2005.

What are surfboard fins called?

Surfboard fins X its called a Skeg :)

What is the smallest rideable surfboard?

The shortest length surfboard that can be ridden is four feet, two inches long. The shortest length surfboard typically ridden is five feet long.

How do you get the silver surfboard 2010?

To get the silver surfboard in Club Penguin, Go to the Cove, click on the tag on the surfboard and click Wave on the top in Catchin' Waves. Hope this helped and have fun!

Is their such thing as a gold surfboard?

Yes, you can get custom made gold colored and/or gold surfboard if you wish.

Why is the stringer part of a surfboard important?

I think the stringer is so the surfboard doesn't fall apart.

What is Bethany Hamilton's favorite surfboard?

Her pink rip curl surfboard that has Philippians 4:13

What is the difference between a skateboard and a surfboard?

A skateboard has four wheels that you can ride, and a surfboard is just a board that you ride on the water.

What is the difference between a surfboard and a ski?

Surfboard has a sharp keel on its bottom while the ski bottom is smooth.

How do you say surfboard in French?

a surfboard is called 'une planche de surf" or 'un surf' in French.

Where can someone purchase surfboard bags?

Surfboard bags can be purchased from Amazon, Dakine Bags, Tactics Boardshop, eBay, The Surfboard Warehouse, Quiksilver, Cleanline Surf, Roxy, and Ron Jon Surf Shop.

What is the difference between snowboard wax and surfboard wax?

There really is not much difference between snowboard wax and surfboard wax. Wax for surfboards are mainly used on top of a surfboard while snowboard wax is used on the bottom.