What is a crossing in volleyball?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Crossing is when an attacking player is deemed to deliberately obstruct a defender, which then releases the ball carrier through a gap created by this obstruction. If it goes unnoticed, it can very often lead to a try, but if noticed, is a penalty to the defending team.

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crossing over the line

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Q: What is a crossing in volleyball?
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What are the violations in volleyball?

one violation in volleyball is hitting the net while volleying with the other team

What is block touch in volleyball?

block the ball from crossing to your side of the court

What is crossing space in volleyball?

It is the space where the ball have to cross the net to the other side without it going out of bounds

What happens in volleyball if a Player goes up for a spike and reaches over the net crossing it?

It doesn't matter as long as they don't touch the net.

What is an antenna in volleyball?

In volleyball, there is an antenna. It is there to mark the place of the "out of bounds" line on the court. If the ball ever hits the antenna, the ball is "out of bounds".

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What are the equitments in volleyball?

Kneepads,shorts,volleyball,volleyball net

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