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It's a flag on the corner of a soccer field which helps the referee and linesmen to see if the ball is still in play.

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Q: What is a corner flag in soccer?
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What is the corner of the field in soccer called?

its got a flag and its called the corner flag......

What is the height of a soccer corner flag?

Minimum of 5ft.

Why do soccer teams celebrate at the corner flag?

because thay usaully tun off their energy and end up at the flag

What are the dimension of a soccer Corner Flag?

As per FIFA Laws of the Game, "A flagpost, not less than 1.5 m (5 ft) high, with a non-pointed top and a flag must be placed at each corner."

What does the red flag mean in soccer?

there is no red flag in soccer!

What are the flag post rules for soccer?

what are Flag post Rules of SOccer

What is the size of the cloth on the soccer flag?

The only official flags associated with soccer are the four corner flags. The Laws of the Game (LOTG), specifically Law 1, do not prescribe a specific size for the cloth on the flags. The corner flag poles must be at least 1.5m (5 ft) tall with a non-pointed top.

You would get a yellow card in a soccer game if you celebrated with the corner flag?

If the referee deems it to be delaying the restart of play or unsporting behavior.

What does flagging mean in soccer?

The linesmen have a flag each. They use these to indicate, a foul, a throw in, a corner, an offside, a goal kick or a substitution.

What does scotlands flag look like?

A blue flag with a white corner-to-corner cross.

What is the minimum height of a corner flag in football?

what the minimum height of a corner flag in football

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The canton, is the top left inner corner of the flag.

How is the Hawaiian flag related to the British flag?

In the top left corner is a minny British flag

Why is there the british flag upper left corner?

Any country's National Flag with a small Union Flag on the upper left corner was once a member of the British Empire.

What are the descriptions of a corner flag post?

a corner flag post is a post route where the receiver cuts towards the sideline after cutting inside

What does bu mean in soccer?

corner kick

What is flag kick in football?

A corner kick.

What is a club linesman in soccer?

The job of a linesman in soccer is to signal with the help of a flag for off sides , corner kicks and also assist the referee in spotting fouls which the referee failed to see . He has to run up and down the side of the pitch to do this.

Which country's flag is shown in the Australian flag?

The Union Flag of the United Kingdom is in the top right hand corner of the flag of Australia

How do you flag on craigslist?

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Why is there the British flag on the upper left corner of the Australian flag?

There is a British flag on the upper left corner of the Australian flag because Australia used British grammar and languages. Australia can use American languages or grammar too.

Does basketball have corner like in soccer or association football?


How many flags are on a soccer field?

there are 4 flags on a soccer field; one in every corner.

What is the purpose of the goal right corner back in soccer in soccer?

because it is the hardest spot to defend