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A combo routine is basically a combination of routines all in one routine. Combos are typically 5 or more minutes long, whereas team routines and duet routines are about 4 or less. In a combo, some swimmers sometimes won't swim in the routine, they will egg beater (which is how swimmers keep their heads and shoulders out of the water) near the ones swimming. In most combo routines, people switch off swimming. For example, one soloist might be swimming what looks like a solo with a maximum of 9 other swimmers egg beatering beside her and then perhaps that one girl or boy will stop to egg beater while the other 9 synchronized swim together and perhaps then three swimmers will break off to preform a trio while the rest egg beater along then maybe two more people will join the trio to create a 5 person team, while the rest continue to egg beater. This continues for the whole routine with people switching in and out with at least one person preforming at a time. It's pretty complicated to explain

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a combo routine is a where the routine starts with the whole team in sync, but then, say, two girls will break away from the group and start a duet, while the rest of the team continues with their sequence. After a while the duet girls will go back with the team for while, before a few more girls will break off. It continues like this until the routine is over. Combo routines are very demanding and require a lot of hard work and training. They are also very entertaining to watch.

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Q: What is a combo in synchronised swimming?
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