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It's when a team goes on the fast-break, and a defender BEHIND the offensive player with the ball fouls him before he can get to the basket. The player gets 2 free throws and his team also retains the ball.

This rule is implemented because:

A) The team would've almost certainly had two points had the defender not fouled from behind.

B) Often the foul is out of frustration and commonly leads to injury, so the league wants to discourage it.

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Q: What is a clear path foul in the NBA?
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there are the back court violation, shooting foul, blocking foul, charging foul, over the back foul, flagrant 1 and 2 fouls, out of bounds, 5 seconds back to the basket while dribbling, 3 seconds in the key offense, 3 seconds in the key without being an arms length from an offensive player when you're on defense, traveling, double dribble, clear path foul, goal tending, reaching foul, in college 35 second violation and in NBA 24 second violation, and technical foul.

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