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it is a short in cut by a receiver

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Q: What is a china route in football?
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Were was football first played?

It is believed to have been played first in china, althought it was of different rules and style, but it is the route of the current sport.

What is the Silk Route and what two areas did it connect?

the silk route is a route to china.

If you were leaving china on the silk route what direction would you be traveling?

if you are leaving china on the silk route,in which you be traveling

What is a three route in football?

a post

When was China Amateur Football League created?

China Amateur Football League was created in 2002.

What Trade route that stretched from China to southwest Asia?

The Silk Road or Silk Route traveled from China to Southwest Asia.

What was China's route?

the silk road

Where was the silk Route?

history of china

Is football played in China?

Yes it is played in China.

Does china have football?


The Silk Road was an ancient trade route going from China?

It is from China's Chang'an.

Sports in china?

Football Volleyball