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that you have to be good in it for the scouts to make you an offer to play with their team

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do it

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Q: What is a career path for a football player?
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What did Ron English achieve in his career?

Ron English was best known for his work as an American Football player. He achieved many things in his career playing football and becoming a football coach later in his career.

What is the average career length of an American football player?

I don't know if that statistic is available. A lot has to do with who the player is. Quarterbacks and first round draft choices may be signed to a 5 or 6 year contract or even longer. Many first round draft choices sign 4 to 6 year contracts because they are young and the team thinks they will be a very productive player for a few years. The best players on the team will be signed to a 3 year contract or longer. Someone that is a special teamer or a backup may be signed to a one year contract. Generally, the older a player gets the shorter the contract he signs. This is due to the fact that ability and production diminishes with age.

What is a football career?

A career in football....

Which Pittsburgh Steelers player went into politics after his football career?

Lynn Swann

Who is the famous Indian football player who recently resigned from his career?

Baichung Bhutia

What is Wayne Rooney's career?

He's an elephant tamer for Abul Sim in Dubai.

Which president was an outstanding college football player?

There are many famous college football players who gained fame following their playing career. President Gerald Ford was an outstanding college football player.

What is the average Career length MLB player?

The average career span for a Major League Baseball player is 5.6 years. For a player in the National Football League it is only 3.5 years and for an NBA player, the average career is just short of 5 years.