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A sacrifice bunt.

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Q: What is a bunt that allows a baserunner to move to the next base while the batter gets out?
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What is a force out in the NBA?

A force out in "player foul" terms, is when a player pushes the player with the ball out of bounds. In other words, they are "forcing out" the player with the ball. This is illegal in the NBA. Hope this helps :)

What is a baserunner?

In the game of baseball, a baserunner is a player who is on base, ready to run to the next base.

In softball when are the fielders able to use a force out?

Hello. A force out can be used when the runner is 'forced' to move to the next base. For example, when there's a baserunner at first and the batter hits the ball, there are force outs at both first (where the batter must go) and second (since the batter is coming to first, it forces the baserunner to second). However, if the ball is caught, the baserunner may stay at first since the batter is out. If the baserunner is not 'forced' to move to the next base, a force out cannot be used. For example, when there's a baserunner at second, first is empty and the batter hits the ball, there is only a force out at first. Since the baserunner on second does not have to yield her base to a runner directly behind her, she must be tagged to make the out if she tries to take third. Even in a situation where a force out will work, a tag is also an out. So IMO if the runner is off base and you can tag her, do it, then look to see if there are other outs that could be made.

What does s mean in baseball stats?

Strike In the box score an "s" denotes a sacrifice bunt. This results in an out for the batter, but the baserunner moves up a base.

What sport is the term back related to?

in baseball a base coach would yell 'BACK' to a baserunner if the pitcher made a pickoff move to the base from which the baserunner had taken a lead.

When is a baserunner not protected after reaching first base for example after a batter-runner safely reaches first base and turns in foul territory when is he no longer protected?

After a batter has hit a ball and runs to first base he is allowed to over run the bag (base) ... If the base runner turns left in the siltiest way it is seen as if his going for 2nd base (even if he walks back to first) he can be tagged out ...

What do you call a base hit that allows a batter to reach saftely reach 1st base?


What is a single in baseball?

A single is a hit that allows the batter to get to first base.

Does a batter get an RBI if a runner scores on a passed ball if the batter then singles?

The batter could be credited with an RBI if, in the scorers judgment the base runner would have scored had there not been any overthrows (errors). For example, the batten singles and the runner is on third and scores, then the overthrows occur. The batter is credited with one RBI. In your original question, the batter would, in no case, be credited with an RBI on his own score.

Is a batter credited with a hit if an out isn't made on a fielder's choice?

No. If an out isn't made on a fielder's choice, it's an error for allowing the other baserunner to reach, but it's still FC for the batter. Say there's a runner on first. The batter hits an easily fielded ground ball to the shortstop, who chooses to attempt to put out the baserunner. That's a fielder's choice for the batter, no matter what happens next. If it's an out (6-4), bad throw (E6), second baseman fumbles it or fails to tag the base (E4A6), it's all the same to the batter.

What happens in softball when a fly ball is hit and the base runner is not on a base?

Baserunner is out. Can't leave base til ball is hit.

Define a stolen base in softball?

when a baserunner decides to sprint to the next base right after the pitcher releases the ball. It is a risk. But once the catcher catches the ball that was just pitched, the catcher can very quickly decide to throw the ball to the base and try to get the baserunner, or stealer, out.