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you push against the other persons stick until one of you get the ball

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โˆ™ 2008-10-29 20:29:44
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Q: What is a block tackle in field hockey 1?
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Kinds of hockey?

1. ice hockey 2.field hockey 3. ball hockey 4. street hockey and by the way hockey SUCKS a** ringette RULES

Which machine has the greatest mechanical efficiency a block and tackle or a lever?

In theory there is no difference in efficiency (it would be 1), but in practice I think a block and tackle would lose more force to friction in the pulleys and between the rope and pulleys.

When is field hockey season in Boston MA?

no 1 givs wen

How many people have died whilst playing field hockey?


What competition surfaces are played on in field hockey?

There are three surfaces are used in field hockey: 1. Mud surface. 2. Grassy groun. 3. Afterterf (santhetic)

Is field hockey a hard sport to play?

Person 1 Field hockey is just as hard as any sport, it all depends on the amount of dedication you put into it. Person 2 I've played some field hockey and a lot of ice hockey, and I found field hockey much harder. For one thing, it is unfair to those of us who are left shots. Because of the types of sticks in field hockey, we all had to shoot right. Also, a ball on grass is much harder to handle than a puck on ice. I didn't enjoy playing field hockey at all.

What are the 11 positions on a hockey team?

On a field hockey team there are.... 4 forwards, 3 halfbacks, 1 sweeper, 2 backs, and 1 goalie.

Name 1 jamaican amateur player in field hockey?

qweef mcnuggets

How many break in field hockey?

only 1 thats half time

How many points are scored in hockey when a goal is made?

In field hockey for every goal scored that team gets 1 point

Is Davidson College field hockey Division 3?

Davidson is Division 1 in FH.

What sports are just for girls?

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