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Football is a sport about speed, strength, and toughness. I play middle linebacker.

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Q: What is a better way to get better at football?
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Who is better English football or baskekball?

in my opinion basketball is way better

Are rugby better than football?

No way

Are Croatia better than Wales in football?

Yes they are way better then Wales .

What is the best way to grip the football?

If you wear certain gloves for football it gives you better grip.

What football team is way better Atlanta or Miami?

The Patriots.

How do you get better at Fantasy Football?

The only way to really better yourself in fantasy football is to keep up with any and all news that happens each week with every single football player.

Is topps better than donruss?

Come on dude, you have to ask that for yourself. Donruss has a way better picture and design in my opinion in football. So Donruss better than topps in football.

Which football team is better Aston villa or arsenal?

arsenal are way better because they have carzola

What is better rugby or football?

rugby is a way better sport if you think football is better you are a gay homosexual :-)It is really a personal preference as to which is better. Each sport has their own fan base.

Who is a better football team the packers or broncos?

The packers have better players and also they have a better record, are better known. So i would say the packers are way better.

Is football better than baseball?

This is a subjective matter of opinion. There is no way of objectively proving that one sport is better than another.

Which is better football or rugby?

Football is the better sport

What sport is better football or fishing?

It's more a question about "different" than it is about better. If you want to keep fit - play football. If you want a way of feeding yourself, and to spend some time in the great outdoors - go fishing. In most cases football would be the better spectator sport.

Who is better Gerrard or Rooney?

Gerrard is way better & wayne rooney should kill him self because steven gwrrard is way better he doesn't even compared to gerrard level off football skill

Who is better a track athlete a basketball athlete or a football athlete?

Basketball all the way brahhh

Which is better fishing or football?

fishing is better than football

What is better excersise football or horse riding?

football is a better excercise

Why basketball is better then other sports?

There is no proof of said opinion. There is also no way to prove it. Also, you have to be stupid to think basketball is better than football.

Is gamecocks sc a better football team than Clemson?

Gamecocks are way better than the Tigers with Gamecocks best player Jacob Latimore

Are girl dum?

well a little at scince yes but at over sports not football no boy are way better

What is better football or twilight?


Is football better or flagfootball?


Who is better football or baseball?

If you mean "Which is better, football or baseball," it's a personal question. For me, I like Baseball better.

What are the frames of reference in a football game?

All I know is that Soccer is better than American Football! Glory, Glory Man United! By the way Manchester United is in England in Manchester.

Baseball or football which sport pays the most money?

BAseball by a lot!