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A better drop weight is one that has a lower drop. -3 is the most powerful bat.

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Q: What is a better drop weight higher or lower?
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Does the height of the water affect the size of the droplet when it drops?

Yes. If you drop the water higher and higher it will get bigger and bigger. If you drop the water lower and lower it will get smaller and smaller.

Why a silicon diode is better compared to a germanium diode in rectification?

A: a silicon diode has better temperature coefficient higher breakdown voltage higher current capability and low leakage. a germanium diode however does have a lower forward voltage drop.

Were in RuneScape can you get monster drops?

Monsters drop them. As a general rule, higher level monsters drop better things.

Does the tennis ball drop higher then the pingpongball drop higher?

pingball is higher

Which -number weight drop on bats is better?

the one with the most drop is easier to swing but heivier bats may hit he ball further

A drop of vinegar will flow and spread out but a drop of vegetable oil will form a beadthis is evidence that?

vegetable oil has a lower surface tension and a higher viscosity than vinegar

Does the higher drop weight of a bat mean it is easier to swing?

Yes.The higher drop weight means the bat is light in relation to the length of the bat. But you must make sure that the bat is not too long for you since using a bat that is too long can make it harder to swing. When choosing a bat the length is just as important as the weight.

If you drop a mouse will it land on its feet?

Drop a mouse at any height from a foot or higher and the mouse will come out on its feet 90% of the time. Any lower, and the mouse's success rate drops signifigantly.

Why does rpm go higher before shifting gears on 1994 Honda Accord?

The engine is turning more revolutions at the lower gear. Once you shift into a higher gear the rpms drop.

What is the effect of low impedance transformer on regulation?

The lower the impedance, the lower the voltage drop across the transformer as it is loaded. This means regulation is better, since voltage variance is smaller.

Why use high voltage transmission?

To keep the voltage drop along the lines to a minimum, as well as to reduce the cross-sectional area of conductors and, therefore, their weight and cost, to practical levels, the load current must be as low as possible. For any given load, the higher the supply voltage, the lower the load current. A secondary advantage is that lower load currents also mean lower line losses. But the primary reason is to reduce voltage drop and to minimise conductor size to practical values.

What is bat drop on fast pitch softball bats?

The drop is the weight of the bat in relationship to the length. If you have a 32 inch bat and a -10 drop the weight is 22 ounces. If you have a 32 inch bat and a -9 drop the weight is 23 ounces.

What is drop on a softball bat?

The drop is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight of the bat. If you have a 32 inch bat and its weight is 22oz you have a -10 drop.

How do you break iron in minecraft?

To break iron in Minecraft, you need a stone pickaxe or better. Anything lower and it will break and drop nothing.

Does raising the elevation of a bowl of water lower the boiling point for that water?

As the air pressure drops the boiling point of water (or any substance) will also drop. The higher your altitude the lower the air pressure.

How can an electron in an atom lose energy to go from higher energy to a lower energy level?

It releases a photon equal in energy to its own energy drop.

What is produced when electrons drop from higher energy levels to lower energy levels?

A photon is emitted when an electron drops down to a lower energy level. The photon emitted makes up for the energy put into the atom to allow the electron(s) go to a higher energy level.

Does the owl drop its upper or lower eyelid to wink?

Lower Eyelid

How is drop on a baseball bat determined?

The length of the bat minus the weight of the bat. (Length - Weight = Drop #)

Would extra coolant in the radiator help to keep the temperature cooler?

No, It would only raise the boiling point higher and drop the freezing point lower.

How does elevation affect the melting point of a compound?

the higher you go the less atmospheric pressure= a drop in the meltng point i.e things melt at a lower temp

What charged electrons of an orbit?

Electrons jump to higher orbits when they receive photonic input. When they drop into a lower orbit they give up energy as photons. The answer is light.

What will reduce pressure due to the boiling point?

Well as you go to a higher altitude the pressure would drop. You can boil water at a lower temperature at high altitude.

What is the -10 on a softball bat?

That is referred to as the drop. It is the difference between the bat length and the weight. If the bat is 32 inches long and the drop is -10 the weight is 22oz. If bat is 32 inches and the drop is -12 then the weight is 20oz.

Why different elements produce different colours when heated in a flame?

The colors are caused by electrons that have been heated and raised to a higher energy state, and then immediately drop back down to the ground state. When the electrons drop from the higher to the lower energy states, they lose energy which is emitted as visible light and heat.