What is a batter rule?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Many little leagues play a 9th batter rule. At the coach/machine pitch level our league plays that when the 9th batter comes to the plate, the hitting team must announce it or he's out after a pitch is thrown. Once announced, there are automatically two outs. That batter completes his at-bat, either safe or out and then the half-inning ends.

For our Minors (kid-pitch) kids, same rules, except the 9th batter can stay on the bases and advance until he scores. When he crosses the plate or an out is made the inning ends. The only way runners behind him can score is on an over-the-fence home-run.

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A batter rule is an instrument consisting of a rule or frame and a plumb line, by which the batter or slope of a wall is regulated in building.

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Q: What is a batter rule?
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Where does it say in any rule that the batter is out if he carries the bat to first base?

There is no rule that says that.

If a batter is up and the pitcher balks if there is no runners on base does the batter get anything at all?

Yes, by rule the batter would receive a ball.

The bases are loaded ther is one out the batter hits a fly ball to the 2nd baseman what rule is the rule?

Infield fly rule.

In baseball why is a batter out when he hits a fly foul ball?

I presume you meant to add "and it is caught in foul territory before it hits the ground." The batter is out because that is the rule. And it's the rule because it's the rule. I can't say any more than that.

What is the rule in baseball if you skip a batter?

If the wrong batter completes the at bat, then the skipped batter is recorded as an out. If it is noticed prior to the completion of the at bat the skipped batter assumes the count of the at bat and completes with no additional penalties.

What is the rule when a batter hits a ball then the ball hits the batter and there are runners in first and second baseis this a dead ball or live?

it is a foul.

What is the ruling if the batter passes second base and play is ruled a ground rule double?

On a ground rule double, the batter is awarded second base and all runners advance two bases. The ball is dead.

Is there a rule in the Major League Baseball rule book stating when a batter must drop the bat?

Section 6 of the MLB rulebook concerns the batter. There is no clause in Section 6 stating when a batter must drop the bat, nor is there a clause in Section 6 stating that the batter must drop the bat after hitting a fair ball. There might be some obscure clause somewhere else in the MLB rule book that covers this but nothing is found in Section 6. Click on the "MLB Rule Book - Section 6' link below to read MLB written rules concerning the batter.

Is it scored a strike out for the batter if he is hit in fair territory by his own batted ball?

If the batter is still in the batters box, it is a foul ball, otherwise, the batter will be ruled out, and it is a dead ball with runners returning to their bases This is wrong, if the ball hits the bat a second time in fair territory the batter is out, standing in the batters box means nothing in this rule. see MLB rule 6.05 h

Is the batter charge with an official at bat if the runner is rule out on a appeal for leaving to early?

No, it would not be an at-bat.

Does batter in MLB have responsibility to avoid being hit by pitched ball?

That's what the rule says.

Can a pitcher be taken out while batter has a count?

Yes, a pitcher may be replaced at any time with one exception. That exception isifthe pitcher has just entered the game and the batter is the first batter he is pitching to. The rule states a pitcher must pitch one full at bat and applies to both starting and relief pitchers. Of course, if the pitcher suffers an injury the umpires can rule that he may be replaced regardless of whether the batter is the first batter the pitcher is pitching to.