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Q: What is a baton handle cheer pom pom?
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What is a cheerleader's accessory?

A pair of pom-poms or a baton.

Who made the first pom pom for cheer leading?

The person who was actually credited for making the first usable pom pom is Jim Hazlewood. Ur Welcome

What do cheerleaders cheer with?

Cheerleaders usually hold pom-poms to support their teams.

What is Edinburgh Dynamic Twirlers?

It is a dance troupe that does baton twirling, pom, and military.

What size pom- poms length of the strands and handle type do college cheerleaders use?

College cheerleaders normally use size 8 or 10 pompoms. The baton handle is usually used but for more complex routines the hidden handle that wraps around the wrist might work better.

What is the difference between pom pom girls and cheerleaders?

Pom is a mixture of dance. Pom girls don't use many cheer motions, It's more "creative". Cheerleaders, on the other hand, almost always use the simple cheer motions. Cheerleaders also stunt and tumble.

What do you need to cheer for your school?

SCHOOL SPIRIT! And Pom-Poms, Outfit, Shoes, Accesories, and Safety! :]

Cheer leading pom pom code build a bear ville?

Here are some cheer codes for BABV.Virtual Locker N2FV-PQ7L-79R3Megaphone: JBM4-4YV3-5578Pom-Poms: 3QGG-WM48-35MQCheerleading Move Code: TM45-ZWX9-J732

Who is the inventor of the pom-poms?

Laurence Herkimer, who also invented the herkie, first cheer camp, and UCA.

What are some cheerleading poses for pictures?

the best pose that we ever had to do was if hter is say 12 cheerleaders have 5 in the front with a bunch of pom poms around them and if they cheer for basketball have a basketball in middle of pom poms and if its football have a football in the midle of the pom pom if both have both in the middle. Then put 7 in back having tallest in middle and shortest two people on the far sides and everyone has pom poms

Is elite cheer explosion a good cheerleading team?

# Yes it is the best team in baton rouge, La..

Christine bromley found your cheer leading uniform for 08-09?

Hey, lavergne high school we found my cheer leading it has lhs on it and it beter be black blue and silver or new pom poms and new blue bow, cheer leading shoes.