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1 quarter of a Basketball ring

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Q: What is a basketball radius?
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What is the radius of a woman's basketball?

The average radius for a basketball is around 4 (4.5) inches.

What is the radius of a basketball rim?

The inside should be about 20% larger than the radius of the basketball style. Simply calculate the radius of the basketball and multiply times 1.2 to get the ideal radius of the rim. So it will be 6.2 or 6 in.

What is the radius of the basketball hoop?

The radius of a standard rim on a basketball net is 22.5cm, making the diameter 45cm.

What is Radius of a basketball?

approx 29.5cm

What is the radius in international basketball ring?

The diameter of a basketball is about Nine Inches.

What is the radius of a basketball with a circumference of seventy six centimeters?

The radius is 12.1 cm.

Radius of a womens basketball?

The Circumfrence is 28.5

What is the diameter of a basketball?

A men's basketball has a radius of 19.3cm (7.5in) and a circumference of 76cm (30in).

What is the rqdius of a basketball hoop?

The inside radius of a basketball goal/hoop is 9 inches.

Is there geometry in basketball?

yes, the ball is a sphere with a diameter and a radius-which is geometry

If the radius of a basketball is 5 inches what is the volume?

If the basketball is regarded as a perfect sphere then the formula for the volume (V) is V = 4/3πr3 where r is the radius. If the radius is 5 inches then V = 4/3π53 = 500/3π = 523.60 cubic inches (2dp)

What is the radius of a full adult size NBA basketball ball?

The radius of a full adult size NBA baseball is 4.7 inches.

How did the first basketball ball look like?

11.4 inches diameter and the radius was 17

What is the radius of an 18 inch basketball hoop?

lol, 9 inches. 18" is the diameter, so...

Circumference of a size 3 basketball?

use this formula 2πr (2 x 3.14 x radius)

What is the radios of basketball rim?

The diameter of the rim is 45 cm so the radius stands at 22.5 cm.

What do you do to measure the volume of a basketball?

The volume formula is: 4/3 times pi times radius cubed

Describe the cross section of a basketball vertical hortizontal and angled?

They are all circles. The vertical and horizontal have the same radius as the ball while the angled cross section has a smaller radius.

What is the radius of a 28.5 inch basketball?

Diameter = 2 x Radius Circumference = π x Diameter= π x (2 x Radius) 28.5 = π x 2R 28.5 / π = 2R 28.5/3.14159 = 2R = 9.0718 OR 9.1 Radius = 9.1/2 = 4.5 inches.

If the earth was the size of a bsketball how thick would the crustn be?

The Earth has diameter of about 12,742 km (radius of 6,371 km) and crust thickness of 30 km, A men's basketball has a diameter of 24.26 cm (radius of 12.13 cm)Obviously the crust to radius ratio is 30:6,371 or 1:213The crust equivalent thickness on a man's basketball would then be:12.13/213= 0.057 cm or 0.57 mmBy comparison the normal basketball has a 0.125-in. wall thickness (about 3mm). This is about 5.25 time s as thick as the crust on the basketball sized Earth.

If you had a basketball filled with mercury density13.6gml about how much would it weigh in kilograms Assume the radius of a basketball is 4.00 inches.?

find the volume of the basketball using the formula 4/3 * phi * radius3since the volume of the mercury inside the basketball equals the volume of the basketball, find the weight by calculang density (13.6) * the basketball's volumemake sure you do the calculations in the correct measurement

How do you find the curcumference of the basketball hoop?

You find the circumference of a hoop by measuing the daimeter or the radius and then use the formulas. C=pie x radius squared(to the second power) C=pie x diameter

What is the radius for a Basketball hoop?

chuck Norris's head times 2 divided by four plus the sqare root of chuck Norris

The volume of a sphere is found by the following formula If the radius of a basketball is 5 inches what is the volume?


What is the volume of a basketball with a radius of 5 inches?

It is: 4/3*pi*53 = 523.599 cubic inches rounded to three decimal places