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smaller cut steak usually eaten fairly raw...

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Q: What is a baseball steak?
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How do you write steak in french?

Steak in French is still steak. Le steak = the steak un steak = a steak du steak = some steak

Why is country fried steak called steak when it is chicken?

its not, its steak, hence the reason it is called country fried steak

What is the meaning of steak?

A slice of beef, broiled, or cut for broiling; -- also extended to the meat of other large animals; as, venison steak; bear steak; pork steak; turtle steak.

What is steak in french?


What is a steak with marbling?

If the steak has lines of fat, it is called mabled steak and it is a better tasting steak than those with none.

What is the motto of Mr. Steak?

The motto of Mr. Steak is 'America's steak expert.'.

What are the Jonas Brothers' favorite things?

Kevin Jonas's favorite foods are sushi and steak. Joe's favorite foods are Chinese and Italian. Nick's favorite food is steak. All of them love baseball and golf.

What is the difference between beef steak and sirloin steak?

What is the difference between rump steak and sirloin steak? nothing

What are the ingredients for steak?

Steak. And Heat.

What does Oscar your steak mean?

An Oscar steak is a steak that has crab meat layered over it.

What is fish steak?

Fish steak is fish mixed with steak and deep fried with olives and eggs

What kinda fish is steak fish?

Halibut steak is surely a steak fish by name alone!

What happens if you constantly eat raw steak?

If you mean "constantly" as in "continually eat raw steak without stopping", you'll probably get stomach ache or vomit at some stage. If you mean "constantly" as in "I always eat my steak raw", there are actually many steak dishes that use raw steak; Steak Tartare or steak carpaccio for example. As long as the steak is very fresh and from a reputable source, there is no reason not to eat steak raw.

How do you use the word steak?

the steak was delicious.

Where did steak originate?

Steak originated from Germany.

What is America's favorite steak?

beef steak

Is steak wood?

Steak is not wood it is meat

Is steak bad for dogs?

No, they will LOVE steak.

What is pie steak?

It is a steak in the shape of a pie

Is Steak a living or nonliving?

steak is nonliving

What is filet steak in french?

Fillet steak is "un/du steak dans le filet" in French.

What is a Roll Steak?

A roll steak is a fairly thin steak that is stuffed with ingredients then rolled and baked. Is this what you are talking about?

What are some good steak seasoning products?

Some good steak seasoning products are: Omaha Steak Seasoning, McComrick Montreal Steak Seasoning, KC Masterpiece Steakhouse Marinade, Bobby's World Famous Steak Rub.

What takes longer to digest a donut or steak?


How much protien in a steak?

about 34g in a 7oz steak