What is a baseball grenade?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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A round grenade the shape of a Baseball Manley was used in the Vietnam War by troops.

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Q: What is a baseball grenade?
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What happens if you shoot a grenade?

The grenade will be shot

What shoulder fired grenade has a propulsion motor?

Rocket Propelled Grenade

In How do you Eat an Ice Cream Cone what does the author compare a melting ice cream cone to?

A hand grenade.

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What is the Difference between a pineapple grenade and a frag grenade?

A frag grenade is a sphere shaped grenade and a pineapple grenade is narrow but some what wide, but there is no difference in explosions. I mean, one might go farther when you throw it but who knows.

What color is a grenade?

A grenade can be a variety of different colors. The M67 grenade is an olive green with a yellow band at the top

What was invented afterwards to replace the hand grenade?

The hand grenade hasn't been replaced - it's still in use worldwide, even with the most technologically advanced military forces. Rifle grenade launchers, grenade launchers, and underbarrel grenade launchers were developed not to replace the hand grenade, but as a means of filling the gap between a thrown hand grenade and a mortar.

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The song writer for Grenade is Bruno Mars.

What is a gut grenade?

A gut grenade is a White Castle hamburger.

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